Info from death certificate:
Reg #10
Ferdinand Louis Rahn
Place of Residence: Colona Henry County IL
Male White   Widowed
Died: Nov. 2, 1937 78 yrs, 1 mo, 1 day
Wife: Louisa Fuhrmann Rahn
Born: Oct. 1, 1859 West Prussia Germany
Father: David Rahn, West Prussia
Mother: Christine Caroline Hintz, West Prussia
Informant:  Arthur Emil Rahn, of Coal Valley IL
Buried: St. John’s Cemetery Edford Twp, Nov. 4, 1937
Undertaker: Hart Sweeny, Geneseo IL
Died of: Inguinal gland new growth, Metasis to liver, Senility

Info from death certificate:
Reg # 6704   Reg #5
Willhelm Redman
Place of death Osco, Henry County IL,
Male White Widowed
Born:  Feb. 24, 1832 Germany
Died:  July 15, 1921
Infirmities of old age/ Ingocendites
Buried: July 17, 1921 Morristown IL
Informant: Mrs. Matilda Baze of Osco IL
Father:  Not known born Germany
Mother: Not known born Germany
Undertaker: W.L. Meyer, Geneseo IL

Info from death certificate:
Dept. # 37-E   Reg # 396
Casper Weber
Male white age 89 married
Born: Aug. 2, 1886
Died: Geneseo Henry County IL
Spouse: Viola Hoover
SS#: 335-25-1925
Farmer agriculture
Residence:  IL Henry Co, Geneseo   221 N. Center
Father: Henry Weber
Mother: Caroline Poppentine
Informant: Mrs. Casper Weber address: 221 N. Center Geneseo IL
Cardiac Arrest- Sudden
Cardio Vascular Disease
Pronounced dead: Oct. 1, 1975 at 11:30 a.m.
Wright Funeral Home
Buried Oct. 4, 1975 at Oakwood Cemetery Geneseo IL


Info from death certificate:
Dist: 37-1E   Reg: 411
Viola Ann Hoover 
Female   Died: Oct. 7, 1975 221 N. Center Geneseo Henry County IL
White   age: 84   Born: June 9, 1891
SS#: 351-29-2583
Father: Thomas Hoover       Mother: Catherine Bird
Informant: Belva Dirck daughter address: 38105 N.   Port Byron IL
Acute Myocardio Infarction      Artero Vascular Disease   Died at 1:00 a.m.
Physician: Donald Ford M.D.
Housewife, owns home widow
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Geneseo IL on Oct. 9, 1975
Wright Funeral Home 405 W. 1st    Geneseo IL


Info from death certificate:
Dist: 365 Reg# 3259
Louis W. Gradert
Place of death: Henry County IL.    619 S. State Died: June 21, 1951
Male White married   Born: April 29, 1878   age 73
Farmer—Grain farmer    Born in IL.
Father: William Gradert    Mother:  Lena  (blank)
No SS# wife: Elsie H. Gradert
Chronic Myocarditis 5 yrs      Paralysis Agitons 10 yrs
Burial: Oakwood Cemetery on June 25, 1951
P.J. Doering M.D.  Geneseo IL


Info from death certificate:
Dist:  36A   Reg: 28
Elsie H. Gradert 
Died: March 3, 1954       County:  Henry    IL   619  S. State
Female   White   Widowed   Born: March 27, 1889   69 yrs
House wife, own homes     Born in Atkinson Twp.
Father: Frederick Rahn        Mother: Amalia Koehler
No SS# Informant: Louis Gradert Jr.  Atkinson IL son
Coronary Thrombosis   2 days   / Artiosclerotic heart disease   / Cholecystic disease
W. M.  Young  M.D.  Geneseo   signed March 5, 1954
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery on March 6, 1954
Myers Funeral Home  


Info from death certificate:
Reg # 6962
John Papenthien
Male White   Widowed
Died:  Feb. 9, 1919 Geneseo Henry County IL
Born:  Feb. 11, 1839 Germany
Age 80 yrs 11 mo   28 days
Retired          Metral (Chronic) Stenosis/Chronic Nephritis
Father: John Papenthien Germany        Mother:    
Informant:  Mrs. Caroline Weber   
Undertaker: Geo. B. Ehringer
Buried:                  on Feb. 11, 1919


Info from death certificate:
Reg # 186
John Papenthien
Male White Married
Wife: Eva Papenthien
Born:  May 25, 1862   Prussia Germany
Died Oct. 25, 1939   age 77 yrs 5 mo
Farmer/grain farmer
Father: John Papenthien Germany
Mother:  May Schimelman   Germany
Informant:  Eva K.  Papenthien
Buried:  Oakwood Cemetery   on Oct.  27, 1939
Cause:  Hydrnehrosis Terminal Uremis


Illinois Statewide Death Index, pre-1916:
Name Died City Age & Sex Volume & Page Certificate# County


Submitted by Joyce Lawrence . Joyce Lawrence, Dolores CO,


Death Register #978
Fred Bartz
2 years 6 months
Date of Death; Oct. 22, 1881
Nationality: German
Where born; Illinois
Place of Death; Geneseo IL
Cause of Death; Pneumonia
Duration of disease: eight days
Place of burial: Geneseo IL
Date of burial: Oct. 23, 1881
Name of Physician: D.L. Machesney MD, Geneseo IL
(Burial at North Cemetery)
Death Register #1409
Minnie C. Heller
1 years 1 month 2 days
Date of Death; April 28, 1884
Nationality: American
Where born; Atkinson
Place of Death; Atkinson
Cause of Death; Whooping Cough
Duration of disease: 14 days
Place of burial: Loraine
Date of burial: May 1st
Name of Undertaker: Zimmerman, Geneseo
Name of Physician: W.W. Adams MD (spelling of name ??) Geneseo
Death Register #1749
Clara C. Pobantz
1 month 12 days
Date of Death; Oct. 23, 1886
Nationality: Blank
Where born; Edford Twp
Place of Death; Edford
Cause of Death; Cant read it
Duration of disease: Blank
Place of burial: Edford
Date of burial: not given
Name of Undertaker: Cant read it
Name of Physician: Cant read it Geneseo IL