It had for its first settler Thomas Weir, who came April 6, 1841 , and settled on the northeast part of the southwest quarter of section 10. He came from Mercer County , and at one time was regularly employed as a "runner" (called detective now) for the " Vigilants ", a close corporation that devoted its energies to catching horse-thieves. When he came to this county, the only neighbors he had were some Winnebago Indians, who were out hunting. As a part of Mr. Wier's experiences, he was twelve days in going and coming to the mill at Moline. The chief part of the time was in waiting at the mill for his turn, and in the meantime he worked so diligently on the dam that the miller favored him and slipped his grist in ahead of its turn. He said if he had not thus been favored by the miller, he might have had to wait a " right smart spell!"

The first child born in this part of the county was in Weir's house—James Hammers, in October, 1843. In 1846, the first newspaper was received by a subscriber. It was the New York Weekly Universe. The extensive name of the paper indicates that the eagle-eye of the editor was fixed, not only on the whole human family, but " the rest of mankind " in the wilderness, and was indifferent as to the name of the subscriber so long as he paid in good subscription money.

The oldest settler in this part of the county is A. P. Vannice, from Indiana: came in 1852.

A. A. Reed is one of the oldest settlers in Clover. He is from Connecticut, and came to Knox County in 1840, and came to this county in 1850. He has a family of six children.

William Payton, from Ohio, came in 1851. He was for some years Justice of the Peace and held other town offices.

Daniel McQueen came in April, 1852.After the death of his wife he lived with his grandchildren,

George H. and John McQueen. Thomas S. and J. A. McConnell came in 1857. They were from Pennsylvania.

S. W. Johnson came in 1858.

T. J. Howell came in 1856.

Henry E. Houghton came in 1852.

Mrs. Phebe Forgy, widow of Newton Forgy, came in 1852. Forgy died Nov. 14, 1868, leaving three children. Mrs. Morgan s maiden name was Phebe Taylor, born in Pennsylvania, Jan. 20, 1833.

William Forgy came in April, 1853, born in Morrow County, Ohio May 27,1862

Old Settlers

History of Henry County Illinois

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