Info on the history of the picture:
Taken:   1915
Place:    San Diego Exposition
People:  Car 6 - Two women:  the woman on the left in the dark coat w/fur collar is Carrie (Laird) Ladd (Mrs. John H. Ladd) - the woman to the right is Unknown, but I suspect that she could be one of her daughters, Daisy, Myrtle or Bertha Ladd.  To me Ms. Unknown has Ladd features  <grin>  I think she is a Ladd, just not sure which one


Mrs. John (Carrie) Ladd

Info on the history of the picture:
Taken:   1915
Place:    San Diego Exposition

I am not sure who the people are in the photo but after enlarging it a bit and comparing it to other photos that I have here I suspect that this is William Stone Enslow & his wife, Susan (Ladd) Enslow with their son Warren.  The house they are standing in front of is their home in Kewanee.  Last time I was in Kewanee, the home was still there.   

Susan Ladd Enslow was a half-sister to my Great Grandfather, Josiah W. Ladd.  They shared the same father, my 2nd Great Grandfather, Josiah W. Ladd.  Susan's mother was Ann Mariah (Farrar) Ladd - Susan was the oldest of three children between Josiah and Ann - all of Josiah and Ann's children were born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire.  I suspect that Susan's mother Ann died during the birth of her last child, a son, Albion, in June of 1852 - somewhere shortly thereafter Josiah, along with two of his brothers, John T. and Hazen Ladd, and a sister, Hannah Ladd, migrated from New Hampshire to the Henry County/Bureau County, Illinois area, possibly to claim a military tract land purchase their father, Josiah Ladd, had made in 1817. 

I have been trying to verify some of the information for this generation - I am not clear on the dates and have had trouble finding documentation at the the County level. 

I have found copies of a military tract of land purchase online in the name of Josiah W. Ladd, 1817 - which would have been my 3rd Great Grandfather.  Based on the information I found, the land description shows the purchase was in Henry County.  Probably parts of the land that my 2nd Great Grandfather Josiah W. Ladd and his brother, John T. Ladd first settled. 

From stories I have heard from cousins I have found in the area most of John T. Ladd's children along with many of their children have settled in and around the Kewanee area.  The John H. Ladd mentioned on your website is a son to John T. Ladd, a stone cutter from New Hampshire.  Charles K. Ladd is also a son to John T. Ladd - and a brother to the John H. Ladd mentioned on your website.

As far as my 2nd Great Grandfather, Josiah W. Ladd, he married my 2nd Great Grandmother Sarah Allen Patterson Wade and settled in the Mineral Township area in Bureau County.  Parts of Josiah and Sarah's line eventually settled in Kewanee - their granddaughter (and sister to my grandfather) Mable Ladd Ripka,  was a long-time resident of Kewanee - Mable along with her mother, Lillian (Cummings) Ladd, were school teachers in the Henry and Bureau County areas.  There are still members of Mable's family who are currently living in Kewanee.


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