The following history of Cambridge Township is taken from an article prepared by B. W. Seaton, editor of the Prairie Chief, for the Old Settlers'meeting, August, 1877, and it may be relied upon as entirely authentic Previous to the year 1840, what is now known as Cambridge Township had no history save that which is common to the whole West while slumbering in the lap of nature. In 1835, when the prospecting party, headed by Ithamar Pillsbury, came this way in search of land on which to locate the Andover Colony, they found a little cabin near the west edge of Sugar-Tree Grove, a few rods north of the state road, on the farm now owned and occupied by Mr. Perkins—better known as the Cady place. This place was the first habitation built in Cambridge Township, and was the headquarters of a party of hunters from Knox County, who paid a visit to this section annually to hunt deer, which were then quite numerous in the grove.

In this little cabin Mr. Pillsbury and party spent one night; and they have often been heard to say that they passed the night more comfortably than they had at any other place since they left Peoria.

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