The farmers of Henry county are as a class far beyond the average Illinois agriculturist. Owning magnificent land that yields large annual incomes, they are able to adopt scientific methods in their work and buy the latest improved machinery. Therefore their farms are models and their standing is unexcelled in the state. One thus representative of so much that is good in farm life is Calvin Franklin Wolever, of Atkinson township, who was born in Cornwall township, this county, June 16, 1874, a son of Robert William and Roena (Fos­ter) Wolever, a full sketch of whom appears above.

The education of Mr. Wolever was secured in the common schools of Cornwall township, and he has always been connected with agricultural pursuits. He first purchased land in Rock Island county, where he farmed far two years, then sold and purchased a second farm in this county. Later he came to the village of Atkinson and, after resting for a year, bought land in Geneseo township. Spending four years upon it and improving it considerably, Mr. Wolever again re­moved to Atkinson township, which is now his home. He owns two hundred acres of fine land on section t, where he is carrying on general farming and feeding stock extensively.

On September 8, 1898 , he married Margaret Wolf, who was born in Bureau county, Illinois , November 14, 1879 , a daughter of Barnhardt and Dorothy (Cravenhurst) Wolf. The mother, a native of Germany , came to this country and is now living in Yorktown township, this county. The father who was also a German, died in 1893. He and his wife had three children, namely: Lavina, the wife of Edwin Seyler, of Hooppole, Illinois; Margaret, the wife of our suject; and Benjamin, the only son and eldest child, who takes care of the mother, they living together. Mr. Wolf had been married before and had other children. Mr. and Mrs. Wolever have one son, Robert Wolf, born November 1, 1900, in Cornwall township. He attends Frog Pond school in Atkinson township and is a very bright little fellow.

Mr. Wolever has worked since he was eight or nine years of age and since his marriage has been ably assisted by his wife. For some years he dealt in farm lands, buying, improving and then selling. Mr. and Mrs. Wolever have a beautiful automobile and enjoy the comforts their income warrants. They are constantly improving their home and when through will have one of the finest in Henry county's farming districts. Mr. Wolever is a broadminded, liberal man, universally liked and a power in his community.

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