Amariah Withrow

Amariah Withrow, a farmer of Phenix Township , is the oldest son of Neely Withow, one of the pioneers of the first year of the settlement of Henry County . The family came to this county in 1835, and to Phenix Township in 1836, of which they have since been residents, and have been without intermission since then connected with the history of the municipality into which they came at a time when its locality was designated by the number which marked its relative position on the chart of the surveyor.

   Mr. Withow, of this account, was born May 4, 1831 , in White Co., Ill. , and he was only four years of age when his parents came to Henry County . They settled on a farm, and the son grew up under the conditions which characterized the experiences of the pioneer days on the prairie farms. He was an attendant at the sessions of the first school taught in the county, in the first log school-house that was built within the limits of Henry County . It was the most primitive sort of a building, its floor being of slabs and the benches of the same material set up on legs, and without backs. The entire boyhood, youth and early manhood of Mr. Withrow were passed in the manner common to the location, and he has devoted his later years to the improvement of the township in which he received his first impressions of his obligations to the interests of the world of work and effort.

   He was united in marriage, Aug. 8, 1856 , to Mary J. Huston, a native of Ohio . Their surviving children are named William H., Letha A., Lucinda E., and Jerome S. One after another of their first three children passed away while they were in their earliest infancy.

   After his marriage, Mr. Withrow took possession of a tract of land which he had previously purchased on section 14, and it has since been the field of his operations. He is engaged in the pursuits of a stock and grain farmer. At the time of his purchase of the property of a small frame house had been erected thereon. To this the proprietor has made the necessary additions, and it s still the family residence. A good frame barn has also been built on the farm.

   Mr. and Mrs. Withrow are both members of the Episcopal Church.



1885 Portrait & Biographical Album of Henry Co., Illinois   page 441

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