Burns Township

This township was mostly prairie but had several groves of timber. The settlers here were not town builders it seems as they never laid out any great paper townsor attempted to plant and grow a flourishing town.

The Edwards River flowing west to the Mississippi, rises in section 25, and Round Grove Creek in section 35, with branches coming in from section 32 and 34.

The first settler was Samuel Carson, a carpenter from Harrison County, Ohio. He was born 1811 and came to this county in the spring of 1836. He improved 183 acres. He married He married Elizabeth Doty on Sept. 20, 1836, a native of Trumbull Co. Ohio born July 4, 1814. They had eight children but three died somewhat later.

Mr. Carson was a successful farmer and was for some years a Justice of the Peace and at different times held other offices in the township.

Jacob Kennerling came March 23,1837, born in Columbiana, Ohio on May 18,1807. He improved a splendid farm on section 35 which was 426 acres. He was married to Sarah Allbright on Feb. 10,1820, she died Sept. 20, 1863 having borne nine childreen, one who died before her. Mr. Kennerling was very nearly the perpetual Assesor and School Director during his lefe having filled those places for more than 20 years.He was a noted man among the early settlers and toward the close of his active life as well known as any man in the county. He was a most companionable man and his delight was to meet old brother settlers and all night and day recount experiences, anecdotes and frightful stories of hair raising escapes in the day of wild vermints in the land.

Simeon Mathews settled on section 9. He was from Hartford Co. Conn., born April 17, 1812, and landed in this county in 1848. He owned a splendid farm of 300 acres. He married Phebe Jane Rogers in 1836. She was a native of Ohio born in 1815 and died March 30 1868. In 1871 Mr. M was married again to Minerva Hemingway of Litchfield Co. Conn.She was born in 1816.

W.S. Charles came in 1842 and settled on section 32. He was a native of England born Nov.1,1818. He farmed 200 acres. He came to this county direct from Stark County, where he had settled in 1832. On April 19,1839 he married Esther L.Stoddard in Stark County. It was the first marriage in that county.

William Clement, a native of Ireland born Jan.26,1828 came in 1851 and settled on section 25. His wife Sarah Gash, born in Lincolnshire, England in 1838. They married in 1870

George Kennerling settled on section 35 in 1841. He was born in Ohio on April 15,1815. He married Jane Leonard on Sept.2,1847, she was a native of Ohio and born Oct.10,1827. They had six children.

Ira Parker came in 1851, settled on section 9 and improved a slendid farm of 411 acres. He was from Wayne Co. N.Y.

Michael Roberts came in 1852. He was born in Cumberland, Me. on June 20,1796. He came to Illinois in 1833 and stopped in Peoria and then in Fulton county.

This is about all of the settlers in this township until the days of the railroad later in the 1850's and 60's.



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