Alba Township

Alba township was the last township to attract settlers. It's bordered by the Green River that runs entirely from the east part to the west, mostly in the northern teir of sections. Just west of the west line is the mouth of Mud Creek, which enters the township at the south line and bends around through sections 35,29,30,19 and 20. These streams were it seems, protecting barriers against the settlers and they traveled around them, the immigrants from the east striking south of Mud Creek and the Green River swamps, and those, of course, which came by way of the river, stopped among their friends in other parts of the county, and often, for many years, lived there without seeing any part of Alba Township

The name Alba was one of the accountable invention of the Commisioner selected to give baptismal names to the twenty-four townships in the county. What, if any, meaning there is attached to it is not known. There is an unverified story that two brothers James and John Surnatro came into this part of the county in 1836 and put up a pole cabin and made a small truck patch, but their chief occupation was hunting and trapping.

It was only after the Winnebago Swamp Land Company had demonstrated the feasability of draining the swamps amd overflowed land that permanent settlers and farmers began to turn their attention to the township. Alba was still very sparce in population.

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