In order of date, the next town laid out in the county was the town of Shokokon, upon the Mississippi river, about five miles below the city of Burlington, Iowa.

The original proprietor of this town was Robert McQueen, who laid it out July 16, 1836, on the N. W. 4 of Sec. 27, T. 9 N., R. 6 W., as will be seen by referring to the records of Warren county, Vol. II, p. 344. John B. Talbott was employed as surveyor.

Although a fine and fertile country lay adjacent to this town, it did not prove a success. The river at this point proved to be too shallow for steamers, except at times of high water, the channel or deep water running near the Iowa shore, thus leaving this town upon a slough, with but poor shipping facilities.

It, however, became a great point for lumber, annually rafted down from the Wisconsin pineries, and finding a market in the country lying east of Shokokon. Its population never exceeded 300.


History of Mercer and Henderson Counties.


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