Gladstone (formerly Sagetown), was laid out by Gideon Sage, May 16, 1856, in Secs. 15 and 16, T. 10 N., It. 5 W., James R. White surveyor. The town is situated on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad. The Galva branch of the same road terminates at this point from the north. The town contains about 400 inhabitants.

At this point is located the Excelsior sugar refinery, a large and costly establishment, owned. principally by Amos T. Hall, of Chicago. It seems not to have been a success so far, although the works and machinery are of the most elaborate kind. Some glucose has been manufactured, but now the owners of the premises are preparing the works for working sorghum cane, of which the surrounding country produces largely.

Gideon Sage, the original proprietor of this town, although far advanced in years, still resides here, hale and hearty, and bids fair to yet renew his lease of life and outstrip in the race many a younger com­petitor. The town has one Catholic, one Presbyterian, and one Methodist church, and is well provided with school buildings.




History of Mercer and Henderson Counties.


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