East Burlington lies upon the bank of the Mississippi opposite the city of Burlington, Iowa. It was laid out March 12, 1855, on Sec. 33, T. 10 N., R. 6 W., by A. D. Green, as trustee for the proprietors, Maj. A. N. Armstrong, acting as surveyor.

Prior to the construction of the railroad to that point, it had a small population, but after that time, with the erection of the railroad bridge leading to the city of Burlington, the business of the place was transferred mainly to the opposite side of the river, and little remains of the former town.

The railroad company have erected large stock yards upon the ground, and made other extensive improvements. Large sums of money have been expended in grading up the river front to a point above high water mark. At this point the Carthage division of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad forms a junction at the east end of the bridge with the main line. The land back of, and eastward from the town, is low and cut up with sloughs, and nearly the whole is subject to over­flow for miles inland during the river floods.


History of Mercer and Henderson Counties.


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