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Dallas City, lies partly in Henderson and partly in Hancock county. That part in Henderson county lies in the extreme southwest of the county, Sec. 35, T. 8 N., R. 7 W. It is a flourishing town of about 500 inhabitants.

The Carthage and Burlington division of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad passes through this town. The town has a fine landing for steamers, which carry away large shipments of produce from the surrounding country. It is a neatly built place, upon the bluff front, facing the river.

Its population are intelligent and enterprising, and carry on an extensive business in general trade and lumber. Among its enterprising citizens we may here make mention of John M. Finch, who was one of its original proprietors and who still continues to reside in his early home, active as in his boyhood days, allowing no enterprise to be undertaken for the improvement of his town without giving it his active aid and support

The town has two churches and its schools receive the active and intelligent support of its citizens and are kept up to a high standard. The town was laid out and surveyed August 11, 1849, by William H. Rollinson and John M. Finch ; J. Wilson Williamson was the surveyor employed. The record of the survey and deed will be found in Vol. IV, p. 176 of record of deeds in Henderson county.

The first postoffice here was called East Bend, from the bend in the river, and was kept by Mr. Finch

. By an act of the people represented in general assembly, approved February 18, 1859, the town was incor­ porated as a body politic and corporate. The same act named the following as a board of incorporation : Wm. H. Rollosson, R. W. Brewer, Theodore Rea, John Gibbs, James Gassaway, John M. Finch, Daniel G. Baldwin and B. F. Newton, who were to meet on the first Monday of May ensuing, divide the city into wards and call an election. This was done, and Dallas City became an incorporated town.


History of Mercer and Henderson Counties.




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