August 04, 1887


May 6 - a son to O.A. and F.M. Wilson, Oquawka

June 13 a daughter to J.L. and C. Doucore, Wright Grove

June 15 - a daughter to R.J. and F.J. Cogbill, Rosetta

June 22 - a daughter to Samuel D. and Mary A. Williams, Oquawka

June 30 - a daughter to George T. and M.A. Pearce, Gladstone

July 8 - a daughter to W.L. and M.G. Jackson, Rosetta

July 12 - a son to W.H. and E. Roskell, Lomax

July 13 - twin sons to A.J. and M.N. Clark, Bald Bluff.


Submitted by Peggy Carey


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