Name               Make                   Postoffice

Ackerman, Fred B.     Buick          Kirkwood, R. 2

Adair, Beverly R.       Saxon Six     Media, R. 1

Adair, Henry A.      Case and Ford Stronghurst, R. 1

Adair, H. L.        Ford Media,     Star Route

Adair, John   Paige              Biggsville, R. 1

Adair, Wm. S.    Case         Kirkwood, R. 1

Adams, Ira      Buick            Stronghurst, R. 1

Ailes, Robert     Buick           Disco, R. 1

Alecock, Harry E.      Ford        Oquawka, R. 1

Allaman, Jacob D    .Ford       Little York, R. 1

Allaman, J. Horace    Studebaker   Oquawka, R. 1

Allaman, Joseph V. Ford        Oquawka, R. 1

Allen, Grier C.    Ford         Monmouth, R. 4

Anders, Arthur C.     Buick      Stronghurst, R. 2

Anderson, Ben J.    Overland      Biggsville, R. 1

Anderson Bros.     Ford       Gladstone

Anderson, Chas. A. Overland      Seaton, R. 2

Anderson, Chas. 0.       Ford          LittleYork, R. 1

Anderson, Edward     Jeffery         Biggsville

Anderson, E. A.        Ford          Decorra

Anderson, Frank      Reo Four     Little York, R. 1

Anderson, Gus        Ford           Biggsville, R. 2

Annegers, Francis A.      Ford (2) Carman, R. 1     

Apt, Clarence E.      Ford       Carman, R. 1

Armstrong, Bert            Kissel             Seaton, R. 2

Armstrong, Claude       Dodge           Oquawka, R. 1

Armstrong, Walter C.        Ford             Seaton, R. 2

Arnold, J. H. Jr.           Studebaker                Carman, R. 1

Avery, Joseph Sr.            Paige              Stronghurst, R. 2

Babcock, Edward             Ford                Lomax, R. 1

Bailey, Chas. C.         Overland              Gladstone, R. 1

Bailey, W. C.         Ford and Haynes        Media, R. 1

Bainter, W. H.             Marion                     Stronghurst, R. 3

Baldwin, E. L.           Overland                 Oquawka

Baldwin, F. 0.           Ford                    Kirkwood, R. 1

Baldwin, L. M.         Buick                 Monmouth, R. 3

Barnett, Geo. W.         Willys                  Stronghurst, R. 2

Barnett, W. R.           Overland                 Stronghurst, R. 2

Barrows, Guy            Buick                 Disco

Barry, David             Ford               Smithshire, R. 1

Barry, David W.         Paige                  Media, R. 1

Barry, James            Ford            Media, R. 1

Barry, John          Overland            Media, R. 1

Bass, Benj. T.        Ford           Biggsville, R. 2

Beal, Elias          Kissel            Kirkwood, R. 1

Beal, P. L.          Ford           Monmouth, R. 4

Beal, Thos. G.         Paige         Kirkwood, R. 1

Beatty, A. P.         Maxwell       Oquawka, R. 1

Beck, Robert        Overland       Gladstone, R. 1

Beckett, Jos.       Buick        Stronghurst, R. 1

Beckett, 0. W.     Buick      Stronghurst, R. 1

Beresford, Norman A.       Maxwell      Smithshire, R. 2

Bergren, Chas. E.       Ford         Biggsville, R. 2

Berkshire, James W.         Case          Terre Haute

Bigger, Robert        Nash             Biggsville, R. 2

Bigger, Robert C.    Ford               Biggsville, R. 2

Bigger, R. Edgar Maxwell            Biggsville, R. 1

Bivens, F.A.           Ford                   Media, R. 1

Bixler, Glen           Ford            Smithshire, R. 2

Bohan, J. A.           Oldsmobile and Ford      Seaton, R. 2

Boock, Wm. C.       Glide Six and Ford          Little York, R. 1

Booton, L. C.          Studebaker and Ford        Stronghurst, R. 2

Bowen, Frank T.       Overland        Biggsville, R. 1

Bowlyow, Chas.         Ford                 Carmen, R. 1

Boyd, Jennie          Ford              Biggsville, R. 1

Bradley, Joseph P.          Ford                            Lomax

Brainard, Chas. A.      Studebaker         Biggsville, R. 2

Brand, John         Ford                  Stronghurst, R. 1

Brandt, Chris H.           Ford                 La Harpe, R. 4

Breen, John T.            Saxon                    Carman, R. 1

Brewer, James S.      Kissel and Ford        Stronghurst, R. 2

Bricker, W. D.       Oakland           Media, R. 1

Brimhall, Ross Ford                    Oquawka, R. 1

Brimhall, Roy L. Ford                   Oquawka, R. I

Britt, John A.               Overland       Kirkwood, R. 1

Brokaw, Abram L.         Ford       Stronghurst, R. 3

Brokaw, Abram V.        Case         Stronghurst, R. 1

Brokaw, Cornelius S    .Ford            Stronghurst, R. 1

Brokaw, Earl V         Saxon Six           Stronghurst, R. 1

Brokaw, F. V.       Ford          Stronghurst, R. 1

Brokaw, Isaac H.        Overland              Media, R. 1

Brook, J. C.            Chalmers Six      Stronghurst, R. 1

Brooks, Albert R. Buick          Stronghurst, R. 3

Brouse, Albert L.     Hupmobile       Biggsville, R. 1

Brouse, Clyde N.        Dort                        Gladstone

Brown, Harry C.       Overland          Kirkwood, R. 1

Brownell, Frank         Kissel               Kirkwood, R. 1

Bryan, Lewis R.         Stayer               Little York, R. 1

Burgett, Louis 0.         Hudson            Oquawka, R. 1

Burkhart, W. C.          Chevrolet       La Harpe, R. 4

Burr, John 0.         Ford                   Lomax, R. 1

Burrell, D. L.          Ford           Stronghurst, R. 2

Burrell, Herman      Ford              Stronghurst, R. 2

Burrus, Fred          Briscoe         Biggsville, R. 2

Butler, J. D.          Overland      Stronghurst, R. 1

Butler, Tobias        Ford           Stronghurst, R. 1

Campbell, Elfred S.      Ford           Oquawka, R. 1

Campbell, John E.       Overland      Monmouth, R. 3

Campbell, J. Clyde        Ford          Monmouth, R. 4

Campbell, Lloyd R.          Ford                       Monmouth, R. 3

Campbell, Wm. M.         Apperson and Dodge           Biggsville, R. 1

Cann, Chas.                 Willis                         Media, R. 1

Carlson, Chas. A.        Ford               Gladstone, R. 1

Carlson, Ed J.         Buick        Stronghurst, R. 2

Carlson, John H.      Oldsmobile             La Harpe, R. 4

Carnahan, R. H.        Ford              Stronghurst, R. 3

Carne, M. D.           Ford              Kirkwood, R. 1

Car ps, W. Earl        Oldsmobile         Monmouth, R. 4

Carothers, J. R.         Ford               Stronghurst, R. 3

Carothers, Walter        Buick             Gladstone, R. 1

Cartwright Bros.        Chalmers               Lomax, R. 1

Cavins, Lewis         Buick and Ford       Media, Star Route

Chandler, Fred W.         Ford           Carman, R. 1

Chandler, G. E.         Chalmers      Carman, R. 1

Christie, E. T.          Oakland            Seaton, R. 2

Clark, Louis L.           Ford        Kirkwood, R. 1

Clarke, R. W.          Marion           Stronghurst, R. 2

Claybaugh, S. W.         Nash            Stronghurst, R. 2

Clover, Geo. M.        Overland         Carman, R. 1

Clover, Thos. F.         Ford               Lomax, R. 1

Cockran, Jas. L.        Briscoe      Biggsville, R. 2

Cockran, J. Roy          Ford        Biggsville, R. 2

Cockran, R. L.         Dodge           Biggsville, R. 2

Cockran, Thno. J.         Dodge            Biggsville, R. 2

Cockran, Walter R.       Ford            Biggsville, R. 2

Coen, Wm. E.          Maxwell           Carman, R. 1

Coffman, H. W.          Ford                 Carman, R. 1

Combiteo, C. E.          Ford               Stronghurst, R. 3

Cook, F. T.              Paige                  Media, R. 1

Cook, Herbert M.      Overland              Media, R. 1

Cook, Regie F.        Ford                   Media, R. 1

Cooper, Arthur            Ford          Little York, R. I

Cooper, C. W.             Dodge          Little York, R. 1

Cooper, Geo. L.           Ford                  Little York, R. 1

Cooper, Howard         Ford                 Little York, R. 1

Cooper, John C.           Ford                  Oquawka, R. 1

Coover, David S.          Ford                Little York, R. 1

Cortelyou, D. N.           Ford               Media, R. 1

Corzatt, A. B.          Buick                       Raritan

Corzatt, S. E.           Pan American, Dodge and Ford   Media, Star Route

Covert, J. W.           Ford                   Media, R. 1

Crane, Robt. C.      Studebaker         Lomax, R. 1

Crist, Daniel            Ford                 Raritan , R. 1

Curtiss, Theo. D.     Overland        Biggsville, R. 1

Dalton, E. A.           Ford               Carman, R. 1

Dalton, F. H.         Ford            Biggsville, R. 2

Dannenberg, F. K.       Hudson       Carman, R. 1

Dannenberg, Louis      Studebaker      Carman, R. 1

Darrah, Chas. B.         Ford          Little York, R. 1

Darrah, Wm. W.       Willis Knight        Little York, R. 1

Davenport, Chas. L.    Ford        Biggsville, R. 2

Davis, Andrew J.     Velie and Ford       Stronghurst, R. 3

Davis, E. A.             Paige          Decorra

Davis, V. E.          Ford          Stronghurst, R. 2

Delabar, E. B.       Ford         Oquawka, R. 1

Dillon, Oscar         Overland          Carman, R. 1

Ditto, Chas. H.         Studebaker and Oldsmobile       Seaton, R. 2

Ditto, Mrs. E.        Dodge         Seaton, R. 2

Dixon, C. I.          Studebaker        Carman, R. 1

Dixon, Delbert         Buick           Stronghurst

Dixon, Leslie         Ford           Oquawka, R. 1

Dixon, Virgil L.        Studebaker        Gladstone, R. 1

Dixon, Wm. H.         Ford           Carman, R. 1

Dixson, Joseph        Buick          Stronghurst, R. 3

Doak, Freeman        National        Stronghurst, R. 3

Dobbin, D. C.          Buick          Stronghurst, R. 2

Dodds, Tom         Buick           Stronghurst, R. 3

Donnelly, E. L.       Case          Stronghurst, R. 2

Douglass, C. S.         Ford         Biggsville, R. 1

Dowell, C. O.          Ford         Gladstone, R. 1

Dowell, J. F.         Ford          Stronghurst, R. 2

Dowell, J. H.          Ford          Lomax, R. 1

Dowell, W. K.        Ford          Cameron, R. 1

Drain, Geo. W.         Ford         Stronghurst, R. 1

Drain, Marvin D.      Maxwell          Media

Dugan, James        Ford        Little York, R. 1

Dugan, John S.         Ford       Seaton, R. 2

Dugan, Robert        Ford       Little York, R. 1

Dugan, Wm.         Ford         Little York, R. 1

Duke, Ben C.      Overland, Cadillac, and Cadillac Truck        Kirkwood, R. 1



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