Treasures of Fulton County


While on the Spoon River Drive in 2011 and 2012, I came across some interesting checks
dated 1912 -1916 (issued from the State Bank of London Mills to local folks)
and would like to send them to any descendants of the following people:
Millard Bryan, A. A. Cole, Dr. Clifford Collins, Joe Cunningham, Maggie Ditmars, L. M. Dixon,
Delia Dyer, Ray Hale, Fred LaTourette, Lemuel LaTourette, Clyde McMullen,
F. L. Miller, Minnie Rhodes, T. E. Roberts, Lewis Stevenson, L. F. Tharp,
W. T. V. D. Voorhees, John W. Whited, Eugene Whiting, and R. L. Wilson.
submitted by Janine Crandell




Mary Russell has given me  two items below that she would
like to give to a descendant of Mrs. Anna Freeman
who lived in Vermont, Illinois ~ 1901.


back of the 1901 postcard to Anna Freeman:

"Many days as this is
I hope you'll see
All good wishes
Please accept from me. "
-- Mrs. Miles


Update: The Souvenir Booklet has been donated to the Easley Museum,
located next to the Freeman School. Thank you Mary!

1906 Souvenir booklet of the Freeman School

Student's names in the booklet



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