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Happy memories...Janine

Mrs. Clark's Piano Recital Harold Henderson
Family Reunion Barbara Covey
Summer Memories Danni Hopkins
Sledding With Father Max Latimer
The Bike Max Latimer
Monday Morning Max Latimer
The World Gets Bigger Max Latimer
Haunted Houses of Spoon River C. O. Parkinson
The Circuit Rider Preacher C. O. Parkinson
The History of Porter Park C. O. Parkinson
The Man Who Vanished From Earth C. O. Parkinson
The Old Country Church C. O. Parkinson
The Olde Country Doctors Of Yesteryear C. O. Parkinson
The Old One Room School House C. O. Parkinson
Miller Time! C. O. Parkinson
Ross Shields and his Hobby Don Parkinson
Ancient Days Connie Cook Smith
The Doors Played in Canton Connie Cook Smith
Happy Days and Historical Happenings Connie Cook Smith
Fire at International Harvester Plant Connie Cook Smith
Mysterious Buggy Gale Tingley
Remembering Camp Ellis Jan Van Doren
Hello, Central Bill Wilson
Christmas in Farmington Bill Wilson

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