Schools in Fulton County
(Past and Present)


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History and Reminiscences of School Work in Canton, Illinois by Mary J. F. Law of Canton

List of Teachers who were members of the Central Illinois Teachers' Association in 1888

Excerpt about the history of Fairview Township's Schools

Photo of Fulton County Teachers: circa 1915-1925

Fulton County Soft Ball Champions: 1945

Fulton Co. Basketball Tournament:  1957

News about County-wide Schools: 1908


Fulton County Teachers' Institute July 27-31, 1908
Held at Lewistown's First High School Building
submitted by Donald Parkinson

Unknown Schools and Class Photos



General Location
Amarugia School Section 23 of Young Hickory township; built during the Civil War.
Anderson School built in 1914 in Canton
Antioch School SE corner of Sec 2 of Lewistown Twp.
Astoria Elementary/Jr. High School Astoria
Astoria Community High School Astoria
Avon Primary School Avon
Avon Senior High School Avon
Babbitt School (historical) Section 10 of Union township; burned in 1893
Babylon School (historical) Sec 14 of Lee Twp.
Bailey School (historical) Western edge of Sec 8 of Vermont Twp. half-way between Table Grove & Vermont
Baldwin School (historical) Lewistown
Banner School (historical) AKA Utica School--in the village of Banner; closed 1974
Barnes School (historical) Northern edge of Sec 5 of Harris Twp., on border of Lee Twp.
Baughman School (historical) Western edge of Sec 16 of Cass Twp., north of Smithfield
Beaty School (historical) Northern edge of Woodland Twp. in Sec. 2.; closed 1949
Bernadotte School Village of Bernadotte
Bethel School (historical) North of Little America; Sec. 15 of Liverpool Twp; closed 1951
Birds Corners School Southern edge of Sec 3 in Orion Twp., north of Breeds, Cty Hwy. 28
Bishop School North of Lewistown, just west of Connor Cem., Sec 28 of Putman Twp.
Blackaby School East of Cuba, north of Blackaby-Saunders Cem., NW corner of Sec 24 of Putman Twp.
Bordner School NW corner of Sec 36 of Lewistown Twp., SE of Lewistown
Branson School (historical) Sec 11 of Pleasant Twp.; east of Ipava
Breeds School (historical) In the village of Breeds
Brick Fiatt School (historical) SW of Fiatt Cem., Sec 31 of Joshua Twp.
Brock School (historical) East of Smithfield & south of Baughman Cem., Sec 28 of Cass Twp., closed 1876
Brokaw School (historical) South of Fairview, center of Sec. 5 in Joshua Twp.
Brown School Astoria township; north of Astoria on Co. Road 12
Bryant School (historical) In the town of Bryant
Buckeye School (historical) Cass township; on E. Buckeye Church Rd.
Buckheart School (historical) Sec. 10 of Buckheart Twp.; south of Canton
Buckwheat School Harris township
Burnham School southeast corner of Sec. 7 of Banner Twp.; closed in 1959.
Calvary Baptist School Canton
Canton College South side of Elm St. between Third and Fourth. Opened in 1837 and was seriously damaged in 1843 tornado. Never rebuilt.
Canton High School Canton
Carr School (historical) Union township
Central Elementary School Canton; built in 1916
Central Normal School Lewistown
Chapman School (historical) It used to be located on East Fort St. in Farmington.
Checkrow School (formerly known as Hawn) Section 27 of Lee township on Co. Road 15
Clair School Middle Grove
Clark School Section 21 of Liverpool township on N. Shelby Road
Clayburg School (historical) Section 16 of Putman township on Co. Road 5
Cooper School Woodland Twp, near the center of Sec. 22 east of Astoria
Cottonwood School (historical) Section 24 of Farmington township on Rt. 78 between Norris and Farmington
Council Corner School (historical) Section 1 of Lee township at the intersection of Co. Rd. 17 & N. Troy Rd.
Covenant Community Fellowship School Canton
Cox School Vermont
Craig School (historical) Joshua township near Canton
Cuba Elementary School Cuba
Cuba Senior High School Cuba
Curtis School (historical) Canton
Dickson School (historical) Sec. 12 of Deerfield Twp.; NNE of Blyton approximately 2 miles. Closed circa 1948.
Douglas School near Canton Lake
Duffield School Orion Township, east side of N. Copperas Creek Road
Duncan Mills School Duncan Mills; closed in 1957
Dunfermline School Dunfermline
East Primary School Lewistown
East School Elm and Fourth St. in Canton; replaced by Maple School.
East Waterford School (historical) On the grounds of the Dickson Mounds Museum
Eastview Elementary School Canton
Elliott School (historical) Pleasant township
Ellisville Grade School Ellisville
Elm Tree School 1 mi. n. of Maples Mills; NE corner of Sec. 10, Liverpool Twp.
Elrod School Section 9 of Pleasant township
Enterprise School Orion township
Etnire School Section 1 of Vermont Township.
Eureka School (historical) Buckheart township; south of Bethel cemetery on the east side of N. Cilco Rd.
Ewan School (historical) Lewistown township, west of Lewistown on the north side County Rd. 14.
Fairview Community School Fairview
Fairview High School Fairview
Farmington High School (1892 high) Farmington
Farmington Ward School Farmington; later called Harris School.
Farr School (historical) Southeast of Vermont; east of N. Miller Rd.
Felkel School Two or three miles south of Lewistown on Hwy 24.
Fiatt Grade School Fiatt
Fiatt Scott School (historical) Section 29 of Joshua township; Fiatt
Fish School (historical) Isabel township; burned in 1944
Five Five School (historical) North of Route 24 on N. Speedway Road
Flake School (historical) Section 25 of Union township
Ford School (historical) Orion township
Foutch School Isabel township; closed in 1957
Fox Ridge School Astoria township, north of Route 24 and east of N. Sullivan Rd.
Franklin School In Deerfield Twp. on the line separating the western halves of section 3 & 10. 
Fred School South of Cuba on Route 97.
Freeman School Vermont Township; located in Ipava now.
Ginger Bread Orion township
Good Hope School Southwest of Astoria off of N. Stambaugh Road
Graham School Isabel township; closed in 1949
Green Valley School (historical) Orion township
General Ross School (historical) Union township, east of Avon on N. 7 Hills Rd...per Darwin Gillespie
Haines School Section 34 of Pleasant township
Hanchett School Cass township; along the road to Seville.
Harris Elementary School It sits on W. Fort St. in Farmington, just north of the cemetery. It was first called Ward School.
Harris School (historical) Harris township
Hatch School (historical) Union township
Hawn School (historical) Also known as Checkrow School
Hawthorne School (historical) Farmers Twp; Sec 26; 3 1/2 miles ENE of Table Grove; built in 1863.
Hazel Green School Farmers township
Hazel Ridge School (historical) Young Hickory township
Henderson School (historical) Intersection of Sinnett Chapel Rd. & Muskrat Road
Hickory Grove School (historical) Farmers township; east side of Hickory Grove Lane just north of the intersection with Hoke Hill Road
Hickory Grove School (historical) Vermont township; southeast of Table Grove at the intersection of N. Ayrshire Road and E. Meadow Ln.
Hickory School Eastern edge of Sec 7 in Kerton Twp, next to Hickory Cem., north of Marbletown
Hipple School (historical) Section 17 of Joshua township; southwest of Fairview on County Road 16 and E. Cypress Road.
Howard School (historical) Section 15 of Pleasant township; southeast of Duncan Mills at the intersection of N. Otto Rd. and E. Squirrel Creek Rd; closed in 1947.
Howerter School Cass township; northeast of Smithfield on Route 95
Hulick School Lewistown
Hulit School (historical) Canton; built in 1888
Hull School South of Smithfield at the intersection of County Rd. 2 and E. Howard Rd.
Hulvey School Bernadotte township, 4.5 miles west of Lewistown
Hyatt School (historical) Intersection of N. Hyatt Cemetery Rd. and E. Wee-Ma-tuk Rd.
Ingersoll Junior High School Canton
Ingersoll School (historical) Canton; Birch Street between 8th & 9th Ave.; built in 1910
Ipava High School Ipava
Isaac Swan School (historical) Canton; located on East Cherry and Sixth Ave, replacing Kellogg School.
John Dean School (historical) Canton; built in 1910
Johnson (aka Pleasant Hill) Fairview township
Jones School Northeast of Bernadotte on N. Turner Road.
Jones School (historical) Fiatt; on N. Marshall Road.
Kellogg School (historical) Canton; built in 1890
Kerton Valley School Kerton township, east of Route 100 on N. Stoneyard Rd.
King's Hill School northeast corner of Sec. 1 of Banner Twp.; closed in 1959.
Kost School (historical) South of Vermont on County Road 13
Lacey School Section 9 of Pleasant township; east of Ipava on Route 136.
Langellier School Between Specketer Rd. and Norris Farm Rd., east of Route 100 and southwest of Havana
Lease School Bernadotte township; built circa 1908
Lee School (historical) Aka Sixteen School; Lee township; at the intersection of N. Buchen Rd. and E. Tator Hollow Rd.
Lewistown College (Episcopal Methodist) The Lewistown College was located on E. Macarthur & N. Chestnut.
Lewistown Elementary School Lewistown
Lewistown High School Lewistown
Liberty School Cass township
Lincoln Elementary School N. Main St. in Canton
Little Brick School East of Smithfield on E. Little Brick Rd.
Little Brick School East of Canton near the intersection of Co. Rd. 27 & Co. Rd. 6
Little Sister School near Saint David
"Little White" School South Main and Walnut in Canton
Liverpool School (historical) In the town of Liverpool on Main St.
Locust Grove School South of Dunfermline, on Route 78 between E. Deikow Rd. and E. McLouth Rd.
London Mills School (historical) London Mills
Lone Elm School (historical) Section 16 of Fairview township, north of Fairview.
Lookout School (historical) Woodland township
Macedonia School (historical) Southeast of Dunfermline on N. Cilco Rd.
Maple School Canton; built in 1869
Maple Grove School Fairview township; destroyed by a tornado in 1942; rebuilt and then closed in 1949
Marbletown School Marbletown on Route 100, just past E. Kerton Creek Road
Marietta Grade School Marietta
Marion School Woodland township
Markley School (historical) Fairview
Martin School Pleasant township but exact location not known
McCall Developmental School Canton; built in 1895
McClung School Woodland township
McCutcheon School (historical) North of Canton and south of Norris on County Rd. 2100E?
McNally Grade School Lewistown
Medley School Cass township
Middle Grove School (historical) West of Middlegrove on Route 116 before you reach 1600E
Midway School (historical) East of London Mills on Route 116 between 1150E and County Road 16
Monterey School (historical) East edge of Monterey; Sec. 4 of Banner Twp.; church is there now
Moore School (historical) Northwest of Canton, north of the Ingersoll Airport on Route 21.
Morning Star School (historical)  
Morton School one mile northeast of Dickson Mounds in Sec. 6 of East Waterford Twp.
Mound School (historical) Canton Twp; NE corner of Sec. 9 on Co. Hwy 21 SW of Norris
Mount Joy School (historical) Originally located just north of Ellisville; then moved to Ellisville in 1950.
Mount Pleasant School Liverpool Twp. Section 20, originally near the Mt. Pleasant cemetery. It has since been relocated.
Mount Pleasant-Johnson School (historical) Deerfield Twp., Section 7
Mulberry School (historical) Woodland township
Nailrod School Isabel township; closed in 1957
New Gilchrist School (historical)  
New Hope School Lewistown Township, east of Lewistown
New Horizon School  
New Liberty School (historical) Sec. 2 in Buckheart Twp.; info from FCGHS
New Salem School  
Norris Grade School (historical) Norris
North School Corner of Ash and Avenue A in Canton
North School Vermont
North Hickory School Farmers township
Oak Grove School (aka Smokey Row) Fairview township
Oak Mound School (historical) Young Hickory township
Oak Ridge School Bernadotte township; closed in 1947.
Oakland School  
Oldtown School (historical) Section 5 of Union township
Orion School  
Otto School Isabel Twp., Ipava, Illinois, R.R. #1; closed in 1959
Painter School Near Lewistown
Page School private school in Canton
Pigeon Roost School southeast part of Cass township
Pisgah School (historical) Fairview township
Pleasant Dale School Vermont township
Pleasant Hill Grade School (historical) northern section of Ellisville township; approx. at the intersection of sections 8, 9, 17, and 18. It was built by Charles Young and torn down by Gerald Peterson...history provided by Donna Young.
Pleasant Prairie School ( historical) Union township
Pleasant Ridge School Section 11 of Union township
Pleasant Valley School (historical)  
Pleasant View School (historical) near Fiatt in Deerfield township
Pleasantdale School (historical)  
Point Pleasant School (historical) Harris township
Prichard School  
Pumpkin Hollow School (historical) 1 1/2 mi. west of Avon in Warren County
Randolph School (historical) Section 24 of Joshua township, west of Canton
Red School (aka Mt. Pleasant) 1 1/2 mi. north of Breeds
Red Brick School  
Reese School  
Retreat School (historical)  
Roberts School (historical) Deerfield township; west of Fiatt on Route 9.
Rohrer School (historical) Canton
Rosedale School (historical) Fairview; destroyed by a tornado in 1942
Saint David Elementary School Saint David
Saint Mary's School Canton
Salem School Liverpool-Buckheart Township line
Schleich School (aka Lamb) Fairview township
School Number 16 / "16" (historical) Two miles south of Summum
Science Hill School Northwest of St. David, off of N. College Road.
Sevia School (historical) Unknown
Seville School (historical) Harris township
Shad Hill School (historical) Farmington West
Shepley School west of Canton
Shinn School Farmers township
Shoofly School (historical) Harris Twp. in the SW portion of section 12.  It was a short distance west of the Spoon River. 
Shriber School (historical)  
Smith School (historical) Section 25 of Fairview township
Smithfield School (historical) Smithfield
South School Vermont
Speedwell School (historical) Young Hickory township
Spoon River Junior College Canton
Spoon River Valley Senior High School  
Springtown School (historical)  
Stevenson School Woodland township
Sugar Grove School About 2 miles northwest of Lewistown on Route 97. It was across the highway east of the McNeil Cemetery next to a church. It was closed in the late 40's.  This was on property belonging to a McNeil family at one time.
Summum School (historical) Summum
Sunbeam School (historical) Fairview township; corner of sections 19, 20, 29, & 30
Sunnyside School (historical) Section 2 of Joshua township; near Fairview
Sweeney School (historical) Lee township at the intersection of Route 9 and N. Rigdon Road.
Table Grove School (historical) Table Grove
Table Grove High School (historical) Table Grove
Tatum School (historical) SW of Canton, at the corner of E. Shield Chapel Road and E. Shield Chapel Lane.
Timmons School (historical) Young Hickory township, near Midway
Troy School (historical) Union township
Union Center School (historical) Vermont township
Unnamed School (historical) Section 27 in Union township...per Darwin Gillespie
Valley Senior High School Fairview
Vinton Academy private school in Canton
V I T Junior-Senior High School Vermont
Vermont School (historical) Vermont
Victor School (historical) northeast corner of Sec. 29 of Banner Twp.; closed in 1959.
Victory School (historical) Deerfield Twp on the line separating Sec. 28 & 33; 1 mi. south of Blyton near Midway
Virgil School (historical)  
Walnut School (historical) 2 1/2 mi. south of Banner; up the hill from Walnut Cem. had 3 different locations; closed in 1959.
Walnut Grove Academy private school for girls in Canton
Washington School Built in the late 1850's; Pleasant township.
Washington School (historical) Section 17 of Pleasant township
Waterford School Waterford Township; stood on the top of the hill north & across the road from the Waterford cemetery but west and up the hill from the Waterford church.
Watson School Woodland township
West Matanzas School (historical)  
West Waterford School (historical) Waterford Township; 1 1/4 miles northwest of the Waterford School.
Westview Elementary School  
Whealdon School Section 29 of Pleasant township
White Oak Grove School (historical) Northeast of Smithfield in Cass township
Wide Awake School (historical) Orion township
Wild Goose School (historical) Isabel township; closed in 1950
Wilcoxen School Liverpool-Buckheart Twp. line; 1st bldg. (wooden frame) moved down the road in 1914 & converted into a home. 2nd bldg. (brick) burned down before 1923; place later became site of the Salem School in 1923.
Wiley School (historical) Southeast of Ellisville near Rt. 9
Williams School (historical) Harris Twp; section 5; 2 miles northeast of Marietta
Wolf School Orion township
Wright School (historical) Canton; built in 1862
Yeoman School (historical) Union township
Zoll School Farmers township, established about 1840, south of the Zoll cemetery


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