Unknown Newspaper
April, 1911

Y. M. C. Band Meeting

Friday evening, March 30, twelve boys of London Mills and vicinity met at the barber shop of Wm. Cline for the purpose of organizing a band.

The meeting opened at 7:30 o'clock. Wm. Cline acting as chairman stated the purpose of the meeting. The first action taken was securing a name. The name Y. M. C. was suggested and adopted by the boys. Next was the election of officers. The following were elected: Leader, Wm. Cline, Manager: Rolla Phillippi; Secretary and Tresurer, H. Eli Essex; Property Manager, Keith Smith.

All that were without instruments ordered one so the band could get into action as soon as possible. The following is a list of the enrollment:

Wm. Cline, director; John Fullmer, bass drum; Byram Essex, baritone; Frank Groom, cornet; H. Eli Essex, cornet; Fred Eggers, cornet; Myrl Harbison, cornet; Will Ulm, Cornet; Marshall Carpenter, cornet; Julius White, snare drum; Keith Smith, bass; Fred Brown, B bass; Bernard Boden, E bass; George ?, ?; Dickie Sampson, trombone; Floyd Cowman, trombone; Rolla Phillippi, trombone. Two more alto players.
(Submitted by Jan Foster via Beryldean Hubbard)

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