Fulton County Ledger
July 9, 1885

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Mr. and Mrs. W. Binian, of Peoria, spent the Fourth and Sunday I Canton, with Mrs. W.’s parents.

Frank Bass, of Chicago, has been visiting with his parents the past week.

Samuel Brown has been sued by the widow of John W. Cluney for $5,000 damages for occasioning his death. (from the Democrat, 2d)

Miss Millie Capps, of Farmington, has been visiting Miss Nellie Snyder the past few days.

Will Farrell, of Peoria, spent the Fourth in Canton.

P. W. Gallagher, of Cuba, threw the eagle out of sight at Smithfield on the Fourth.

Mrs. Hunter, of Peoria, visited her parents in Canton over the Fourth; also Fred. Patee and wife of Tremont, Ill.

Harry Harter has accepted a position in the boot and shoe store of G. K. Barrere.

Mrs. M. H. Kent and Mrs. Sadie Barricklow, mother and sister of C. W. Kent, of this city, who have been visiting relatives and friends for some five or six weeks past, started on their return home to Coffeyville, Kansas, Tuesday evening. They left Canton some five years ago, and this is their first visit back here, and they are so well pleased with their Kansas home, they say nothing could induce them elsewhere.

Mr. and Mrs. Lind and Miss Wendie Chalmers, of Peoria, visited the Littlefields in this city, over the Fourth.

Miss Jennie Mack of Lewistown, visited her friend Miss Katie Gallagher, in Canton, the past few days.

Miss Jennie McCune, daughter of Rev. S. C. McCune, is visiting in Canton.

Mr. Lew. Manahan left Canton this morning to visit the old stamping ground in and about Hagerstown and Clear Spring, Md., and expects to be gone three or four weeks.

Mr. Markley, son of our long time friend, Mr. Conrad Markley, of Deerfield Township, was a caller at the Ledger office Thursday of last week.

Will Negly, of Walnut, Iowa, youngest son of our citizen, J. B. Negly, visited his father the past week.

Miss Sarah Overman, of Wichita, Kansas, has been visiting here for a few days.

Hon. W. J. Orendorff, W. D. Plattenburg, J. L. Murphy and Maj. Herring went to Springfield last night, to interview the Governor on the Soldier’s Home.

Harry Prentiss and sister, Miss Josie of Rushville, visited relatives and friends in Canton Sunday.

Rhodes Rankin met with an accident on Thursday of last week that will disable him from work for several days. The point of a hay fork fell from the carrier and struck him on the shoulder, causing a painful and disagreeable wound.

Judge Shope orated in Bushnell on the Fourth.

Reuben Simms on Monday got the little finger of his right hand caught in a saw at Siever’s planing mill and the little finger was so badly crushed that it had to be amputate. (from the Democrat, 2d)

Lafe Swearingen, of Bernadotte Township, had a preliminary examination before Esq. Barnett, of Lewistown, on Monday, on a charge of burglarizing the house of Jesse De Moss, near Bernadotte, and was sent to jail I default of $300 bail, to await the action of the grand jury at the August term of the circuit court. The main point against Lafe is that the stolen gun was found in the house under his bed and carpet. (from the Democrat, 2d)

Miss Jessie Twyneham, of Galesburg, is visiting her aunt in this city, Mrs. White.

George B. Vittum left Friday evening for Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to spend a few days with his family, at his father-in-law’s. Mrs. Vittum and children will return home with him.

F. A. Willoughby, of Galesburg, spent the Fourth in Canton, the guest of his brother-in-law, Capt. Grant.


From the Astoria Argus, 1st

H. O. Cummings, son of Judge S. P. Cummings, of this place, who has been visiting in Kansas the past two weeks, returned home Saturday. He likes the country and will locate at McPherson for the purpose of practicing the legal profession. We predict for him a large practice.

Saml. Hamm has a fine mineral spring on his farm near town.

George Park’s little son, Frank, met with a bad accident on the 29th ult. They were drawing up hay at Sam Park’s Barn and the little fellow took hold of the rope while the horses were in motion, and his hand was drawn into the lower pulley. It was torn badly and his middle finger had to be amputated at the knuckle joint.



Blyton, Ill., July 6, 1885

Rev. Mead immersed two ladies at Zilch’s Ferry, in the Methodist faith, last Sunday.

J. R. Rothman was in our town today.

Miss Emma Smith, of Maquon, is visiting in Deerfield.

Joseph Young starts to Kansas to day.

A dance at Jeremiah Zimmerman’s the 4th.



Cuba, Ill., July 8, 1885

Isaac Cadwallader and wife, of Vermont, spent the latter part of last and the forepart of this week here with relatives.

Jonathan Coons returned from his western trip last week, but very little benefited so far as his health is concerned.

Elder H. C. Littleton will preach at the Frederick school house, south of town, next Sunday, at 2 o’clock.

Christian and Justice Neff returned from Nebraska last week, much pleased with their trip.

The Misses Powell, of Table Grove, spent the latter part of the week here with their sister, Mrs. D. E. Hughes.

W. C. Pusey and wife spent the 4th with his sister, Mrs. McCurdy, in Warren County.

Mrs. Libbie Roberts left for her Iowa home Saturday last. Her many friends wish her success.

C. C. Riley and F. M. Snively spent Friday in Peoria.

Elder Marion Stevenson, of Lexington, Ky., who has been here for the last two weeks, left for his home Tuesday.



Deerfield, July 6, 1885

James Norris, of Babylon, was in the vicinity of Wiley Sunday last.

The dance at Jerry Zimmerman’s was well attended. There were 22 numbers sold, and all were much pleased until some of the young men got a little up in fashion, or high, which resulted in a fight. Well, we must celebrate the 4th, if it does cause us to wear mourning around our eyes.

Jacob Volmar’s little child was lost at Canton on the 4th, but was found before much excitement occurred.


Fairview, Ill., July 7, 1885

Rev. Bumstead, of Norris, will preach in the Reformed Church next Sabbath.

H. H. Clingenpeel and Squire Main, of Canton, were here on business a few days since.

A little son of Henry Fengel caught his hand in a pulley or rope and tore the flesh of several of the fingers terribly. He was brought to town and Dr. Bennet dressed his wounds.

Miss Rita Haid, of Omaha, Neb., arrived at her grandfather’s Jacob Wills’ last week.

Miss Lidabone, of Holland, Michigan, arrived here last week, and is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Jane Ten Eycke.

Mrs. Nettie Meeker, of Nebraska, and T. Tipton and wife, of Chicago, were visiting at H. SA. Swygert’s last week.

Mrs. A. J. Shepley and Mrs. D. Abbott, of Canton, were here last week, visiting friends.

Mrs. Shannon, of Grayville, Ill., arrived here at her father’s last week. She is in poor health. The climate in southern Illinois did not agree with her.

M. B. Swegle is building an addition to his house. Wm. Stine is doing the carpenter work and Henry Spiss the tin work.

Miss Lena Swarts is home from Abingdon, and is visiting at Wm. Hartough’s.

Miss Anna Taylor, of Galesburg, is visiting her cousin, Miss Mary Bennett.

James Ten Eycke is painting his residence. Chas. Cyphers and Geo. Mitchell are doing the work.

P. B. Vanarsdale, who has been an invalid some two or three years, fell and injured one of his limbs, and at this time, he is very feeble.

Mrs. A. Voorhees and her little daughter Alice Arrived home last week from Norwood park.


Ipava, Ill., July 7, 1885

E. F. Baird was fined $10 and costs for disturbing the peace last Saturday night.

Dr. Ball has thoroughly repainted his house.

Wm. Cadwallader and George Marshall were fined each $3 and costs for fighting at a religious meeting last Sunday.

Thomas Calhoun was acquitted by jury, for assault and battery on George Miller, last week.

F. C. Robinson has put an extra coat of white paint on his new house.

Rand Rodgers, a lad of 18 years, was quite seriously hurt on the 4th, in Bernadotte, by the discharge of a grudgeon. We have not the particulars at this writing, but understand that he was quite badly burned in the face and will be disfigured.

Dr. Roberts and Lem Councilman had a lawsuit concerning a pair of boots.


Joshua, July 6, 1885

Mrs. Sadie D. Barricklow, of Coffeeville, Kansas, visited at E. Feeser’s Saturday night and Sunday.

The Social Club will meet at Mrs. Hattie Ellis’ the 15th, in the afternoon.

Grandma Ellis spent a few days in the city visiting her children and enjoyed the celebration of the 4th, which was the first of the kind she had witnessed. She thinks Beriah did well with his part of the menagerie.

Mrs. D. W. Furrey returned from her visit Friday last.

Uncle Joe Gardiner is spending this week in the country. He is full of jokes and expects to make another visit to relatives in Michigan in a few days. Uncle Joe believes in having a good time.

Miss Lillie Huffman, of Stark County, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. D. L. Miller, this week.

Rev. Hitchcock, of Fairview, called on a few of his friends Tuesday of this week.

Mrs. James, of Good Hope, and Miss Ash, of Macomb, visited at S. W. Ash’s last week.

Mrs. Jane Walker, of Atlantic, Iowa, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cosler.


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