Fulton County Ledger
July 16, 1885

Transcribed by Judy Churchill.


Miss Ida Baxter, of Atchison , Kansas , is visiting her mother and sisters in Canton.

Samuel Brearley, Jr., of New York City , arrived here Tuesday evening on a visit to his parents.

H. S. Cain and wife left Monday evening for St. Louis , by boat from Copperas Creek, and from St. Louis will go to Indiana , to visit a brother of Mr. Cain.

Geo. W. Cline, who has been in McQuaid’s store for several years, commenced an engagement the first of this month with Tuell & Son, as bookkeeper.

Dr. Clough is daily expected to die. He is very low with consumption.

O. D. Evans and wife were in Canton yesterday, visiting Mrs. E.’s parents. Mr. Evans now resides in Chicago , and has “a run” from Chicago to Kansas City .

Miss Lizzie Harris left Monday morning for a visit in Hamburg , Iowa.

John G. Hornstein and wife and Mrs. Geo. A. Black left Canton Monday evening for Germany , on a visit.

C. H. Higgins, of Smithfield , this county, recently graduated in the Law Department of the Iowa University and is now a full-fledged lawyer.

Isaac McBain, of Bloomington , was in Canton last week.

Miss Bertha Morris, cousin of Jo. Sklarek of New York, will spend the heated term in Canton.

Frank Morgart will live. He is improving slowly, but surely. His recovery is certainly one of the latter day miracles.

Mr. A Pomeroy and wife, of Deerfield, departed Thursday evening, taking train at Canton, for a visit to relatives in New York state.

J. R. Riblett, when he discontinued his Farmington Record and went to Peoria , became local on the Democrat. He was a few days since discharged by Dowdall.

Albert Sklarek and wife, of New York , spent a few days with Canton friends, on a wedding recreation.

M. Schradzki, of Pekin, visited his parents in Canton last week.

W. S. Spier, for years connected with the Wabash road, has been appointed freight and passenger agent of the m. I. & M. road, with headquarters at Keokuk , Iowa.

P. H. Snively, Esq., of Cuba, was a Canton visitor on Tuesday.


From Cuba, July 14th

Elmer Alder, of Lincoln , Neb. , called on Cuba friends Saturday morning.

Lute C. Breeden, J. L. McLaren, M. D. Cummings, Lucien Gray, and others whose names I did not get, of Lewistown, were in Cuba Friday, witnessing the game of base ball between the Bushnell and Cuba clubs.

W. Gray moved to Leaman Monday.

Sunday morning, at the Christian Church, Elder H. C. Littleton tendered his resignation to the congregation. He has accepted a call from the church at La Harpe. The Elder has been Pastor of the church here for the last three years, and has done much to build up the organization. While the members want him to do better financially than they have been able to do for him, yet they feel loth to give him up. He will preach his farewell sermon next Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyon, of Quincy , and J. L. Merrill, of Des Moines , Iowa , visited Dr. and Mrs. Cline the first of the week.

Mrs. G. F. Messler and Miss Lizzie Chapman spent Sunday with Mrs. C. W. Keller, at London Mills.

Andy Rumler, Abram Kalor and Wm. Myers, three of Deerfield ’s staunch Democrats, were callers at the LEDGER sanctum. Come again, gents.

Sherman & Grigsby fired their brick kiln Saturday morning.

Miss Zadie Snively is spending the week at London Mills, with Miss Mina Fox.

James Shryock, of St. David, was in town Monday. He is not well pleased with the organization of his town under the state law. He fears they will get license.

Dave Spenny is re-modeling the inside of his shoe shop, with the intention of putting in a stock or ready-made work.

Sam. Wasson and wife, of St. David, Sundayed with Cuba friends.

A large party of lady and gentlemen friends called on Mrs. Alph Wright Friday last, to remind her that it was her birthday anniversary. They left many useful presents as tokens of their esteem.

Dr. J. K. Welsh’s fine bay team ran away Friday night, making a wreck of the buggy, but doing no other damage.



From Blyton, July 13th

Persons leaving orders for corn syrup with David Buchen Jr., will receive prompt attention.

Prof. Cox and daughter, of Prairie City , were in Blyton Sunday Last.

Mrs. Wm. May and Bessie Mitchell, of Prairie City, spent last week in Deerfield, visiting relatives.

John Schafer was home Sunday, the 12th.

Mr. and Mrs. Asher Young, of St. Augustine , visited relatives and friends in our vicinity the past few days.


From Ellisville, July 14th

Charles Norris, while cleaning out his father's well, was hit on the head by a stone falling, making an ugly but not serious wound.

Adam Scheckler, on whose leg an operation was performed, is doing fairly, but is very weak.



From Ipava, July 14th

James Ashbell is building a fine residence in the east part of this township.

Mrs. Culver and family, of Beardstown, are visiting relatives in Ipava.

Anna Garwood, intermediate; Miss S. J. Campbell, primary. Schools will commence about the first of September.

Prof. Graham, of Oneida , was visiting the family of Esq. McCamant over Sunday. The Professor and wife have been engaged to teach the schools again this winter. They have been teaching in Oneida four years, and have received the premiums for the best schools in Knox county on two occasions.

Postmaster (what is) Hughes is painting his residence old gold. He has struck a cloud with a silver lining.

Victor Kost will teach at the Etnire this winter.

Thomas J. Logan has been appointed night watch by the village trustees.

Hardy Masters was in town last Saturday on business. Mr. Masters is slowly regaining his health from pyeinia, with the loss of the second metacarpal bone of the left hand. Mr. M. has aspirations for the county judgeship, and we think it would just suit him in his present condition, and we are for Hardy first, last and all the time.

Joseph McCamant and family have moved to London , Kansas.

George McQueen has mowed the canine fennel on the square and principal thoroughfares.

J. L. McCune is making some notable improvements on his residence on east Broadway.

Evert Pratt has bought James Gustine’s little property, in the west part of town, for $500, in small payments.

William Reynolds, James Irwin, J. L. Mallory and Uncle John Hedden, all old Smithfield friends, gave us a pleasant call during the past week. Mr. Reynolds contemplates attending a course of lectures this winter at Bellevue Medical College . He has attended one course of lectures at Ann Arbor, Michigan and will in all probability graduate in medicine next spring.

Dr. Strode’s little daughter “Purkie,” aged about 10 years, had the misfortune to go over the mill dam, at Bernadotte, last Thursday, and came out below safe and sound and rowed the boat to dry land with little or no inconvenience, remarking that it was nothing to go over the dam.

Miss Lizzie Wyant closed her spring term at Marbletown last week, and will again teach there this winter.


From Joshua, July 14th

Mrs. Crampton, of Hagerstown, MD., visited at J. W. Feeser’s Sunday.

Uncle Joe Gardiner and his daughter, Mrs. Ash, started Saturday morning last to visit a few weeks at Michigan City, and also meet a brother of Mr. Gardiner’s, who will accompany them home and spend a short time here with friends and relatives.

Last Friday, during the storm, Simon Hinkle’s hay-shed was destroyed by lightning, with a large amount of hay. At the same time Mr. Seery had a calf killed.

Peter Havermale and wife visited friends near Bryant Sunday.

B. F. Miller and wife, of Canton , visited at E. Feeser’s Saturday night and Sunday.

Miss Jennie Mangrum, of Canton, visited Miss Mattie Havermale Saturday night last.

Milton Woodworth had a three-year old mare killed by lightning last Friday.


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