Fulton County Ledger
April 1, 1886

Transcribed by Judy Churchill.

From the Astoria Argus, 24th, ult. 

From the Farmington Bugle, 26th, ult.

From Vermont Chronicle, 26th, ult.

From Farmington Visitor, 26th, ult.


The revivals at the Methodist church closed Monday night.  The last meeting was especially interesting and enjoyable all ‘round.  The Rev. Carr, who has been assisting in the work the past two weeks, was presented with a handsome gold watch by the members of the church, as a sort of remuneration for his labor.  The Rev. R. E. Buckey made the presentation speech in his usual easy and pleasant manner, while the Rev. Carr received it with surprise and delight and in return made very appropriate remarks.  During the meetings about twenty five conversions were made and consequently the church folks are well pleased with the result.

Married, on Tuesday, March 16, 18809 at Canton, Dakota, Mr. Bert Anderson of Pennington, Iowa and Miss Lydia Harrington of Farmington, Illinois by Rev. Pomeroy of that place. Mr. Anderson is a stock raiser of that place and Miss Herrington is a school teacher of Pennington.


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