Fulton County Ledger
Thursday, January 1, 1903


     A Fine Musical Entertaining at M. E. Church Sunday Evening.
     The sacred cantata, "The Prince of Peace" was rendered at the M. E. church Sunday evening, by the church choir, assisted by a number of the leading musicians of the city. It is a story of Christmas in song, and the audience, which filled the church to the limit of its capacity, was delighted with the entertainment.
     The singers had been practicing for several weeks, and their rendition of the cantata showed careful training. Much credit for this proficiency was due Bevan Lawson, the musical director, and E. F. Swearingen, leader of the choir.
     The choir made a liberal subscription to the fund being raised to pay off the church debt, and the collection taken Sunday evening was turned over for this purpose. A liberal amount was contributed by the large and well pleased audience.
     Those taking part in the cantata were the following:
     Musical director - Bevan Lawson.
     Organist - Mrs. Kate Troxell.
     Sopranos - Misses Allie Gorham, Rose Rafferty, Beulah Wolf, Anna Gregg, Della Slyder, Harriet Doney, Agnes Baker, Mesdames E. E. Henry, M. F. Kirhuff, E. F. Swearingen, P. S. Scholes, J. E. Hartley, B. F. Elliott.
     Altos - Mrs. Frank L. Miller, Misses Blanche Messler, Mary Gallagher, Maud Gorham, Ethel Arundel, Minnie Boyd, Fannie Blakeslee, Jessie Barron.
     Tenors - A. H. Fish, D. I. Bath, George chapman, W. T. Isted, A. D. Troxell, E. F. Swearingen.
     Basses - John Chapman, Theophilus Bennett, M. N. Kirkhuff, Harry Fonts, J. E. Danner, J. S. Rice, A. R. Fourer, F. S. Smith.
(Submitted by Jane Kingery)

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