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Mr. A. J. McQuaid, of Atlantic, Iowa, has been visiting in Canton this week. “Jack’s” family has been here for some weeks.

Mr. A. V. Thomas and Miss Kittie Myers of Peoria, attended the Higbie party at the Churchill House, Thursday evening last.

Today Mr. W. E. Sherwood, wife and child and Miss Fannie Proctor will leave Canton for Hot Springs, Arkansas, where Mr. And Mrs. J. W. Proctor are spending the winter. Will and his family will visit for a short time.

Mr. Edgar Bredwell, who has been in a book-store in Ottawa, Ill., for a few months, has returned home, and will take a position with Mr. W. O. Dean, in his cigar store.

Mr. C. P. Heald returned from New York city Friday last, where he has been the past summer and fall.

Miss Lottie Brainard, of Peoria, is visiting at Mr. C. H. Littlefield-Smiths.

The Misses Maggie and Susie Hoblitt left Canton Tuesday evening for Massachusetts, to resume their studies.

Miss Sue O’Reilly of Canton, who has been spending the holidays with her aunt, Mrs. J. T. Brennan, of West Jefferson st., returned home this morning, accompanied by her cousin, Miss Aggie Brennan.—Peoria Journal, 2nd.

G. L. Miller, Esq., went to Springfield last week, where his wife had preceded him, and will reside in that city. He has accepted a position in the office of his father-in-law, Attorney General McCartney.

We are informed that the death of Grandmother Stillman is daily expected. She is very low from disease and old age.

Mr. J. R. Speck, who lived a few miles northeast of Canton, has moved to Fairfield, Iowa.  (Jan. 4, 1883 transcribed by Bonnie Dagen)




Wednesday of last week Mrs. Miner and family moved from near Fairview to Canton, and occupy their property north of the Congregational church, which Mrs. M. purchased of H. C. Bolton.

Mr. John A. Furry, of Joshua township, went to Ohio last week, and will remain there several weeks.

Dr. Hugh Martin, of Kansas, was in Canton on business the past week.

John B. Ruble returned from Texas Thursday morning last, greatly improved in health by his trip. Mrs. Ruble et al. are still at Hot Springs, Arkansas.
F. H. Snively, Esq., of Cuba, was taken Wednesday evening of last week with a congestive chill, and was confined to his house for several days, but he is now convalescent.

The Lewistown papers announce that Hon. J. R. Stipp has opened an insurance office in that city. We trust he will receive a liberal amount of the insurance business of Lewistown and vicinity.

Mrs. A.. J. Whitnah was visiting her daughter (Mrs. Dr. Harmison) in Cuba last week.

Richard Workman, an employee in the P. O. Co’s shops the past winter, left Canton Monday for Canada, where his mother resides.

Harry Schradzki will leave Canton tomorrow for Leota Landing, Miss., where he will go into the store of his brothers-in-law, and clerk for them.

Geo. W. Johnson, who was a member of the first graduating class of the Canton High School, was in Canton this week. He now lives at Sacramento, California.

Mrs. Henry T. Blair, who is living with her father near Vermont, was in Canton this week.

Dr. McDowell of Galesburg, came to Canton Monday, to visit relatives. Yesterday Mrs. Dr. Bell, of Kansas, also arrived in Canton, on a visit to her sister (Mrs. Hurst) and other relatives. Dr. McDowell is a brother of Mrs. Hurst and Mrs. Bell. (May 3, 1883 transcribed by Bonnie Dagen)





Mrs. Geo. W. Coleman, of Fredonia, Kansas, is visiting relatives and friends in this city. Miss Nellie King, Mrs. Coleman’s niece, returned with her, and will remain with her parents, who are now living in Galesburg.

Mrs. James Sheahan, of Astoria, visited in Canton last week.

Mr. John G. Piper, of Canton, Ill., made his daughters, Mrs. C. I. Keiter and Miss Ortha Piper, a visit this week. Miss Piper has been quite sick for the past two weeks, but is recovering slowly.—Grundy Center (Ia.) Republican, 18th.

William Spencer has closed the barber shop under Proctor & Sherwood’s store and Tuesday moved to Yates City, having purchased the stock of the only barber in that place.

Moses Slack and wife, of Peoria, were in Canton Saturday last, looking after property interests here.

Mrs. George Higbie and Master True are visiting in Ohio.

Mr. And Mrs. W. H. Corwin were visiting in Mason county last week. Mr. C. reports great damage in that county from the hail storm.

R. R. Steach and daughter Carrie went to Canton Thursday. Miss Steach went to be doctored for the goiter.—Prairie City Bugle, 19th.

Miss Alice Welch, principal of the Farmington schools, is spending the summer in Oregon.

Miss Emma Greenwood, of Chicago, has been visiting for some days with the daughters of Mr. Ezra Coleman, on north Main street.

Mayor Perkins left Canton Monday morning for Bridgewater, New York, where his wife and children have been for about two weeks.

Dr. Don Waggoner, of Lewistown, was in Canton Saturday last.

Bro. Yarnell, of the Lewistown News, visited the metropolis of Fulton county on Tuesday.

Mrs. John F. Coykendall is visiting her parents at Moberly, Mo. Her father, Mr. Edmiston, is in very poor health.

Mrs. Sarah Martin, of Minneapolis, Minn., has been visiting at Mr. Charles Blakeslee’s the past week. Mrs. Martin was formerly Miss Sarah Barnes, of this city.

Mrs. Geyer, widow of the late Joseph Geyer, and mother of Mrs. H. C. Bolton, of this city, went to Kansas a few days since, to stay some months with a married daughter living in that state.

Mr. George B. Vittum went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Thursday evening last, where his family have been visiting two or three weeks, with Mr. And Mrs. S. T. Burrill, Mrs. Vittum’s parents.

Mr. Frank Short, of Kansas City, was in Canton last week. Some years ago Mr. Short frequently visited Canton as a purchaser of horses.

Mr. Harry Taneyhill, of Peoria, was in Canton Monday evening, looking for a house. He proposes to move to Canton at once, to give his attention to the new car shops.

Miss Allie Heald, who has been East since the close of her school in Michigan, arrived at home Monday evening. She will teach again next year, having charge of the musical department of the school. (Jul. 26, 1883 transcribed by Bonnie Dagen)



Collector Hill, of the eighth Illinois revenue district, having died, there is now a scramble for the vacant place. Telegraph dispatches announce that Senator Cullom is trying to work a scheme. He has some debts which he desires to pay, in return for his senatorship. One John R. Tanner lives outside of the district in the south part of the state, and Cullom wants to make a place for him. Logan, having a huge presidential bee buzzing about, has not mixed much in appointments and political matters since last spring, fearful of offending some one who might otherwise render him some aid, is said to have conceded the selection of the man to Cullom. Now, one “Jake” Wheeler, a former resident of Mason county, is United States Marshal for the southern district of Illinois. It is a far office—pays a much larger salary than collector. Jake wants to hold on to the marshal’s office. But as Cullom cannot make Tanner collector of a district which he does not live in, without giving great offence to numerous hungry aspirants who do live in the district and their friends, he proposes to Wheeler to swap—that is, Wheeler take the collectorship and let Tanner be appointed marshal.
Wheeler has been interviewed on the subject. He kicks against it equal to a Texas steer; but says if it is insisted on, he will have to submit. He wants office—does not want to let go of the official tit—but objects to giving up a fat office which he now holds for a leaner one.
There are numerous parties living in the district who would like to have the collectorship, among them Col. Merriam, who was ousted from the place by a consolidation of two districts, under the new law. But Merriam says the president knows what manner he was held on the shelf, and if he wants to furnish him another suck at the official tit, it must come voluntarily. Other aspirants object to the appointment on the ground, as they claim, that Wheeler is a citizen of Mason county, which is outside of the district, and that he is only a temporary resident of Springfield, while holding the office of marshal.
The probability is, if Cullom insists on it, that Wheeler will have to take the collectorship and let Tanner have the marshalship.
Charles Delmonico, whose name has been so well-known throughout the county for many years as the proprietor of the Delmonico restaurants in New York city, is reported to have become insane. The mental disorder has been working upon him for two or three years. His friends indignantly deny that he is insane, and claim he is suffering only from nervous prostration, due to overwork, as he would insist on continuing the oversight of his large business.
Samuel J. Tilden has a yacht named Yosemite, and Jay Gould has one named Atlantic. On the evening of the 12th, as the two gentlemen were proceeding up the Hudson river in their yachts, there was a race for several miles, Tilden’s Yosemite anchoring off Graystone, his residence, several lengths ahead of Gould’s yacht. A dispatch says Tilden enjoyed the race.

A Grand List.

We print below a list of farmers who purchased harvesting and mowing machines of J. H. Bass & Bro. the present season. All of these machines went through the heavy grain and grass of the past season without difficulty. The following farmers purchased Self Binders:

1. G. S. Betts, Banner.
2. Matthias Lingenfelter, Banner.
3. Orrin Bebee, Banner.
4. Martin Bebee, Banner.
5. Elihu Beets, Banner.
6. Martin Bebee, Banner.
7. Martin Bebee, Banner.
8. John Polhemus, Fairview.
9. N. Hagaman, Fairview.
10. John Zittle, Fairview
11. Willis Wyckoff, Fairview.
12. M. G. Brewer, Farmington.
13. Robert Bennett, Farmington.
14. John Berry, Lewistown.
15. Frank Bordner, Lewistown.
16. Oliver Rice, Lewistown.
17. Rob’t Blackabee, Lewistown.
18. Geo. Stockholm, Lewistown.
19. Robert Edwin, Lewistown.
20. Ed. Wilson, Lewistown.
21. Wm. Goudy, Lewistown
22. John Stell, Civer.
23. Augustus Saunders, Civer.
24. William Morrow, Civer.
25. Ogden Gray, Cuba.
26. Henry Efnor, Cuba.
27. Robert Moore, Orion.
28. Wm. Black, Liverpool
29. Anderson Pigg, Smithfield.
30. Jacob Morris, Joshua.
31, John Mahr, Deerfield.
32. Louis Fouts, Buckheart.
33. John R. Jones, Joshua.
34. Charles H Churchill, Joshua.
35. Sargent Vittum, Norris.

The following purchased either combined or single reapers:

36. Abraham Neff, Cub.
37. Sheets Bros., Cuba.
39. Milton Murphy, Cuba.
38. Levi Bevard, Cuba.
40. Giles Demott, Cuba.
41. Maxim & Peterson, Cuba.
42. Thomas Scovill, Lewistown.
43. W. L. Clifford, Lewistown
44. Wm. Freeman, Lewistown
45. Mrs. Hart, Lewistown
46. John Sheets, Lewistown.
47. John E. FitzHenry, Lewistown.
48. Samuel Munson, Lewistown.
49. James Legg, Lewistown.
50. White & Hulby, Lewistown.
51. J. W. Strode, Smithfield.
52. Charles Overton, Smithfield.
53. Fred Helle, Smithfield.
54. John Kingery. Joshua.
55. Charles Martin, Joshua.
56. F. Johns, Orion
57. Josiah Pierce, Orion.
58. Anthrow Mitchell, Deerfield.
59. J. M. Rock, Deerfield.
60. John Provard, Buckheart.
61. J. B. Vion, Banner.
62. John Hartough, Fairview.

The following purchased single mowers:

63. Charles Overton, Smithfield.
64. Fred Helle, Smithfield.
65. R. Wilcoxen, Lewistown.
66. John Cramlet, Lewistown.
67. M. G. Brewer, Farmington.
68. Lafeyette Dalton, Farmington.
69. W. H. Esbred, Farmington.
70. Geo. Millard, Cuba.
71. Henry Efnor, Cuba
72. Samuel Robinson, Norris.
73. Webster Sloss, Norris.
74. Robert Moore, Orion.
75. Elijah Johnson, Canton.
76. John Fisher, Canton.
77. Charles Bennett, Canton.
78. Patrick Green, Canton.
79. Wm. Turner, Canton.
80. Robert Lloyd, Canton.
81. M. Lingenfelter, Banner.
82. Joseph Myers, Norris.
83. Daniel Marris, Liverpool.
84. Geo. Shallenberger, St. David.
85. Stephen Post, Bryant.

Nose Broken.

James Brown and Henry Hill, of Lewistown are two very stout men, the latter at one time having been marshal of Lewistown. The two men have had a grudge against each other for some time. Saturday last they both filled up with bug juice from the saloons of that city and Hill, meeting Brown, struck him. Brown at once let fly one of his maulers, and struck Hill a sledge-hammer blow on the nose, by a side ___, which broke the bones and crushed the nose in a terrible manner. Dr. Hull attended to the fracture and thinks with care the damaged member may assume in time almost its former beauty, but will undoubtedly show some of the effects of the blow.

(Sep. 20, 1883 transcribed by Bonnie Dagen)




Miss Kate Wyman, a pupil at St. Mary’s Seminary, Knoxville, is home for the holidays.

Bro. Dyson, of the Times, Rushville, Ill., was in Canton Saturday morning, and called at the Ledger.

W. Hedge, Uly Orendorff, Charles Hoblitt, Prescott Heald, True Higbie, Montie Taylor and Curry Fast, who are attending school at points from Canton, are at home for the holidays.

Messrs. L. M. Donnelly and Joseph Wheeler, of Harris township, were callers at the Ledger office on Monday.

Mr. Charles A. Whiting, now at Batavia, spent Christmas at his father’s in Canton.

Our old friend, Wm. S. Will left for Garden Grove, Iowa, Saturday, to spend Christmas with relatives.

Mr. Charles Salzenstine, of Peoria, (formerly of Ipava), was in Canton on Monday.

Randolph Stearns and wife spent Christmas with Mr. R’s parents in Canton and attended the wedding of his sister Tuesday evening.

Miss Eva Hunter, of Peoria, spent Christmas with Miss Lydia Wyman in Canton.

Dr. Marcus Whiting and Miss Lou. Piper, of Peoria, were in Canton Christmas day.

Mr. Al. Thomas was in Canton on Monday. He has sold his interest in the commission business in Peoria, and is now a “drummer” for a Chicago house.

John F. Coykendall and wife spent Christmas with M. C.’s parents in Canton. John has left Burlington and will go to Chicago, but still in the employ of the C., B. and Q. company.

Mr. And Mrs. Donatt Miller, of this city, ate their Christmas turkey with friends in Peoria.

Miss Kate Amsley and Mr. Steever, two of Cooper’s Canton clerks, spent Christmas in Peoria.

Mac Entwistle, of Troy, New York, is spending the Holidays with his grandmother, Mrs. L. McCall, of this city.

Mr. And Mrs. W. L. Taylor spent Christmas in Farmington.

Mr. And Mrs. Sam Stewart, of Peoria, spent Christmas in Canton.

Charley WARNOCK, of Quincy, is spending the Holidays in Canton.

Supervisor R. H. Dickie, of Farmington, was a caller at the Ledger office yesterday.

Dr. Ed. Coleman, a student of Rush Medical College, Chicago, is spending the holidays at his father’s in Canton.

Mr. F. H. Cooper, of Peoria, was in Canton last night. He returned home this morning. (Dec. 27, 1883 transcribed by Bonnie Dagen)

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