Young Hickory Township Cemeteries
Name Index


Excerpt from the FCHGS Cemetery book for Young Hickory Township. If you would like a lookup in this cemetery book for more information, please email me at janine "at"

Graciously compiled by Tere Dare. Thank you Tere!


Name Death Date Cemetery Notes
?, Exina   Drumm broken stone, not legible
2 unmarked graves   East Midway side by side
2 unmarked graves   West Midway side by side
3 footstones   Drumm stones read 'E.G.' / 'D.D.'  / 'L.D.'
5 footstones   East Midway stones read 'W.B.' / 'M.S.B.' / 'O.E.B.' / 'L.B.H.' / 'L.T.H.'
Abbadusky, George C. Feb 13, 1948 West Midway  
Abbadusky, Natukda Nov 11, 1932 West Midway  
Adkins, Madison C. Mar 4, 1926 West Midway Co. I. 83rd Ill. Inf.
Adkins, Rebecca Mar 12, 1910 West Midway  
Alder, Clyde 1899 Beer  
Alder, John 1907 Beer  
Alder, Mary 1894 Beer  
Alder, Nellie 1894 Beer  
Armstrong, Clara L. 19-- West Midway  
Armstrong, Eva Alice 1942 West Midway  
Armstrong, J. Ross C. 1953 West Midway  
Armstrong, Minnie F. 1926 West Midway  
Armstrong, Samuel O. 1933 West Midway  
Baker, Ernest 1930 East Midway  
Baker, Sarah A. 1920 East Midway w/o Ernest Baker
Bane, Jacqueline V. 1933 West Midway  
Bane, Nelda V. 1934 West Midway  
Bantz, H. Augustus Jan 23, 1903 West Midway  
Bantz, Mary E. 1905 West Midway w/o Silas Bantz; maiden name: Potterfield
Bantz, Silas W. no death date West Midway  
Beer, Alexander Jan 26, 1871 Beer  
Beer, Charles Nov 19, 1900 Beer  
Beer, David Apr 17, 1847 Beer s/o W. & R. Beer
Beer, Elizabeth Jul. 22, 1859 Beer w/o James Reed
Beer, George B. Aug 2, 1842 Beer  
Beer, Henry May 28, 1848 Beer s/o W. & A. Beer
Beer, Infant son Sep 9, 1845 Beer s/o W. & A. Beer
Beer, Jackson 1914 Beer  
Beer, Joseph H. Oct 17, 1851 Beer s/o W. & A. Beer
Beer, Julia Ann 1867 Beer maiden name: Rist
Beer, Mary Jul 17, 1895 Beer w/o Thomas Beer; maiden name: Gunnett
Beer, Mary Feb 3, 1869 Beer d/o A. Beer
Beer, Mary Dickinson 1847 Beer  
Beer, Mathew Jun. 23, ???? Beer s/o ?
Beer, Nancy May 18, 1885 Beer w/o Charles Beer; maiden name: Reed
Beer, Rachel A. Jul 5, 1862 Beer d/o J. O. & S.A. Beer
Beer, Rachel H. Sep 25, 1850 Beer d/o W. & A. Beer
Beer, Rebecca J. Apr 29, 1847 Beer d/o T. & M. Beer
Beer, Robert Mar 26, 1842 Beer s/o Wm. Beer; born in Darrie IRE.; Lt. in the Revolution
Beer, Thomas Sep 13, 1840 Beer  
Beer, William Sep 29, 1870 Beer  
Bell, Mary Emma May 5, 1955 East Midway  
Belshee, Hannah Apr 22, 1863 Beer w/o J. Belshee
Belshee, Joseph Feb 25, 1850 Beer  
Benner, Nellie Apr 6, 19-- West Midway  'Daughter'
Benson, ?   West Midway  
Benson, Amanda L. 1923 West Midway w/o George C. Benson
Benson, Bert W. 1952 West Midway  
Benson, Bessie L. 1960 West Midway  
Benson, George C. 1917 West Midway Co. K. 7th Ill. Cav.
Benson, George H. 1960 West Midway  
Benson, Harlie M. 1958 West Midway  
Benson, Irene M. 19-- West Midway  
Benson, Lyle Mar 21, 1901 West Midway  
Benson, Marjorie L. no death date West Midway  
Benson, Neotia L. 1966 West Midway  
Benson, Raymond L. 1957 West Midway  
Benson, Walter B. 1958 West Midway  
Betterton, Amanda Ellen Sep 15, 1929 West Midway  
Betterton, Cyrus Sep 7, 1907 West Midway  
Betterton, Eliza 1920 West Midway w/o Joshua Betterton
Betterton, Joshua 1918 West Midway Co. D. 7th Ill. Cav.
Bhear, Frank 1965 West Midway  'Father'
Bhear, Hazel B. 1966 West Midway  'Mother'
Blout, Dwight W. 19-- East Midway  
Blout, Ella 1946 East Midway  
Blout, John 1939 East Midway  
Blout, Lottie P. 1950 East Midway  
Boden, E. Lulu 1961 East Midway  
Boden, Forrest L. 1964 East Midway  
Boden, Josephine B. 1929 East Midway  
Boden, Lizzie Jul 7, 1885 West Midway w/o Samuel Boden
Boden, Marie Dec 27, 1880 West Midway d/o S. & L. Boden
Boden, Mary A. 1945 East Midway  'Mother'
Boden, R. Bernard 1918 East Midway  
Boden, Samuel 1932 East Midway  'Father'
Boden, Samuel Mar 9, 1880 East Midway  
Boden, Warren 1909 East Midway  
Bootn, Mary G. Mar 12, 1890 East Midway w/o D. Bootn; name could be Booth
Bowers, David May 15, 1891 West Midway  
Bowers, Jacob 1905 West Midway  
Bowers, Martha V. 1921 West Midway  
Bowers, Susan Sep 15, 1905 West Midway w/o David Bowers; maiden name: Ziger
Bradbury, Jay C. Jan 3, 1965 West Midway  'Father'
Bradbury, Pearl M. Sep 27, 1958 West Midway  'Mother'
Branch, F. Paul 1966 West Midway  'Father'
Branch, L. Maxine no death date West Midway  'Mother'
Brashear, Gladys E. 19-- West Midway  
Brashear, William Otto 1969 West Midway  
Bright, Matilda A. Nov 11, 1892 West Midway w/o Jesse D. Bright
Brown, Flora Irene 1942 West Midway  'Mother'
Brown, Infant son Jul 8, 1884 East Midway s/o E. J. & S. C. Brown
Brown, Isaac A. 1936 West Midway  'Father'
Brown, Kate L. 1938 West Midway  'Mother'
Buck, Amy G. 1966 West Midway  
Buck, Ernest O. 1970 West Midway  
Burgard, Daniel W. May 22, 1920 East Midway  
Burgard, Louise E. Jul 12, 1921 East Midway w/o Daniel W. Burgard; maiden name: Hamman
Burgard, no name   East Midway large stone reads 'Burgard'
Butler, Elizabeth 1867 Beer  
Butler, Lizzie 1866 Beer d/o Simon & Mary Butler
Butler, Martha A. 1911 Beer d/o Simon & Mary Butler
Butler, Mary A. Oct 15, 1882 Beer w/o Simon Butler; maiden name: Mateer
Butler, Simon 1907 Beer  
Cady, Edward C. Jul 25, 1926 East Midway  
Cady, Ella Lee no death date East Midway date not cut in stone
Callison, Anthony Jan 25, 1867 West Midway Corp. Co. A. 59th Ill. Inf.
Callison, Infant dau. Jan 18, 1868 West Midway d/o A.F. & M.D. Callison
Casper, Mary Jan 9, 1883 East Midway w/o J.A. Casper
Castle, Amos 1925 East Midway  
Cattron, Rebecca Jane Aug 17, 1890 Beer w/o I.V. Cattron
Cauble, Celia May 1954 East Midway  'Mother'
Cauble, Miles M. 1934 East Midway  'Son'
Chapman, William L. Jan 5, 1965 West Midway  
Charles, Edna 1912 West Midway  
Clark, Laura Sep 20, 1883 West Midway  
Clark?, Little Freddie Oct 10, 1883 West Midway  
Cline, Caroline A. 1915 West Midway w/o James K. Cline
Cline, Ephriam E. no death date West Midway date not cut in stone
Cline, Isola J. 1946 West Midway w/o Ephriam E. Cline
Cline, James K. 1896 West Midway Co. B. 21st Ill.
Cline, Nina B. 1897 West Midway  
Combs, Arthur Jul 20, 1891 West Midway s/o M. F. & V. Combs
Combs, Cecil V. 1938 West Midway  
Combs, D. Henry 1946 West Midway  
Combs, Elsie E. 1926 West Midway w/o Irvin B. Combs
Combs, Emma F. Oct 9, 1882 West Midway d/o J. W. & M.E. Combs
Combs, Emma Mary no death date West Midway  'Daughter'
Combs, Irvin B. 1956 West Midway  
Combs, John M. Feb 18, 1910 West Midway  
Combs, Lowell O. 1970 West Midway  'Father'
Combs, M. Emma 1919 West Midway w/o D. Henry Combs; maiden name: Norval
Combs, Marian Diana 1968 West Midway  'Daughter'
Combs, Martha May 4, 1863 West Midway w/o R. W. Combs
Combs, Mary C. Jul 3,1 1915 West Midway maiden name: Cowman
Combs, Milton F. Jul 29, 1911 West Midway  
Combs, Robert W. Jan 23, 1887 West Midway  
Combs, Velma E. 19-- West Midway  
Combs, Viola Mar 7, 1892 West Midway w/o Milton F. Combs; maiden name: Thurman
Combs, Wilber Oct 5, 1885 West Midway s/o J.M. & M.C. Combs
Combs, William M. Jan 2,, 1900 West Midway  
Conway, Douglas May 16 1942 East Midway  
Conway, Elizabeth Sep 2, 1903 East Midway  
Cook, Charles A. 1945 East Midway  
Cook, Estella May 19-- East Midway w/o Lewis Franklin Cook
Cook, Firman L. 1952 East Midway  
Cook, Lewis Franklin 1937 East Midway  
Cook, Lillie G. 1951 East Midway  
Cowman, Abbie A. 1924 West Midway w/o Frank Cowman; maiden name: Vollmer
Cowman, Carrie M. May 26, 1875 West Midway d/o General & Cynthia Cowman
Cowman, Catharine May 30, 1890 West Midway w/o David Cowman
Cowman, Cynthia Anne Sep 2, 1909 West Midway w/o General L. Cowman
Cowman, David Apr 25, 1898 West Midway  
Cowman, Frank N. 1943 West Midway  
Cowman, Gary A. Aug 21, 1849 West Midway  
Cowman, General L. Feb 11, 1923 West Midway  
Cowman, James M. Sep 5, 1851 West Midway  
Cowman, John L. Nov 8, 1937 West Midway  
Cowman, Meritte G. Feb 3, 1894 West Midway s/o J.L. & S.C. Cowman
Cowman, Minerva Mar 4, 1849 West Midway  
Cowman, Sarah Feb 3, 1920 West Midway w/o John Cowman
Cozad, Charles 'Buzz' 1956 West Midway  
Cozad, Lillian Jan 14, 1929 West Midway w/o William Cozad
Cozad, William Nov 29, 1955 West Midway  
Daily, Crystal E. Aug 29, 1885 West Midway d/o J.P. & H. Daily
Daley, Edith N. 1966 West Midway  'Mother'
Daley, Ezra H. 1935 West Midway  'Father'
Darland, Gladys L. 19-- East Midway  
Darland, Guy 1962 East Midway  
Davey, Charles G. 1939 East Midway  
Davey, Lois L. 19-- East Midway  
Davis, Marian G. no death date East Midway d/o Charles & Flora Fox
Depprey, Charles C. 1888 West Midway Co. B. 3rd Ind. Inf.
Depprey, Christianna 1904 West Midway w/o Charles Depprey
Depprey, Rachel A. no death date West Midway  
Dodds, Infant dau. Nov 16, 1867 Weaver d/o D.T. & M.W. Dodds
Downard, Agnes 1940 West Midway  
Downard, Edith 19-- West Midway  
Downard, Lafe 1938 West Midway  
Downard, Mary E. 1963 West Midway  'Mother'
Downard, Orville G. 1963 West Midway  'Father'
Downard, William 1933 West Midway  
Drumm, John H. Feb 8, 1850 Drumm may also be called Darland or Swartz Cemetery; s/o John & Jane (Hull) Drumm
Drumm, Lovina Sep 30, 1847 Drumm d/o John & Joan (Hull) Drumm
Duncan, Alta M. 1964 West Midway  
Duncan, Fred R. 1953 West Midway  
Dunn, Benard I. 1910 East Midway s/o Ira & Pearl Dunn
Dunn, Eliza 1926 East Midway  
Dunn, Elva 1941 East Midway  
Dunn, Era (Ira) R. Jul 31, 1918 East Midway  
Dunn, Gene Leon Jun 18/20, 1940 East Midway s/o Gale & Dorrien Dunn
Dunn, Gerald V. 1965 East Midway  
Dunn, Henry 1912 East Midway Co. D. 55th Ill. Inf.
Dunn, James W. Mar 23, 1903 East Midway  
Dunn, John T. 1945 East Midway  
Dunn, Susan Jul 23, 1906 East Midway  
Dyekman, Ellis 1960 East Midway  
Dyekman, Gertia 19-- East Midway date not cut in stone
Dyer, William Worth Jun 18, 1883 West Midway  
Edmonson, Caroline 1963 East Midway  
Edmonson, Charles F. 1952 East Midway  
Edmonson, John A. 1954 East Midway  
Effland, Amelia 1938 East Midway  
Effland, Eva Merle no dates East Midway d/o G. & A. Effland
Effland, Glen Russell no dates East Midway s/o G. & A. Effland
Effland, Gustus 1927 East Midway  
Effland, Laura M. 1953 East Midway  
Effland, Raymond Earl no dates East Midway s/o G. & A. Effland
Effland, Vern F. 1955 East Midway  
Eggers, A. Jackson 1941 East Midway  
Eggers, Alfred M. 1931 West Midway s/o H.A. & L.J. Eggers
Eggers, B. Everett 1959 West Midway  'Father'
Eggers, Elijah Milton 1933 West Midway  
Eggers, G. Vernon 1906 West Midway  
Eggers, George W. 1925 West Midway  
Eggers, Harry A. 1941 West Midway  
Eggers, James M. no death date West Midway  
Eggers, Lola J. 1936 West Midway  
Eggers, Lottus 1926 East Midway maiden name: Stairwalt
Eggers, M. Franklin 1904 West Midway  
Eggers, Mary 1913 West Midway w/o Elijah Eggers
Eggers, Mary A. Mar 26, 1923 West Midway w/o James M. Eggers
Eggers, Mary Ethel 1938 West Midway  'Mother'
Eggers, Mary J. 1936 West Midway d/o H.A. & L.J. Eggers
Eggers, Rachel H. 1945 West Midway  
Eggers, S. Alice 1948 East Midway w/o A. Jackson Eggers
Elbertson, Mary A. Nov 15, 1849 Beer w/o John Elbertson; d/o A. & M. McFarland
Elliott, Harry C. 1935 East Midway  
Elliott, Ida E. 1947 East Midway  
Ellsworth, Olin 1905 East Midway  
Embree, Ray Greald Jr. Mar 27, 1985 East Midway  
Essex, Calvin Clay 1934 East Midway  
Essex, Dorwin Leigh 1941 East Midway  
Essex, Rev. Hiram 1916 East Midway  
Essex, Sarah C. 1933 East Midway  
Figard, James Mar 30, 1907 West Midway  
Figard, Rachel Mat 7, 1901 West Midway w/o James Figard; maiden name: Evans
Fisher, Esther Aug 7, 1857 West Midway w/o J. Fisher
Fisher, Forrest B. Mar 19, 1903 East Midway s/o C.R. & H.J. Fisher
Fisher, Franklin M. 1918 East Midway  
Fisher, Jacob 1896 East Midway  
Fisher, Louisa L. 1938 East Midway w/o Franklin Fisher
Fisher, Louisiana 1887 East Midway w/o Jacob Fisher
Fisher, Maude L. Oct 17, 1895 East Midway d/o F.F. & L.L. Fisher
Foshay, Albert 1880 East Midway  'Son'
Foshay, Anna 1875 East Midway  'Daughter'
Foshay, Catherine 1936 East Midway  'Mother'
Foshay, Claude 1879 East Midway  'Son'
Foshay, Daniel 1922 East Midway  'Father'
Foshay, Edna M. Jul 16, 1944 East Midway  
Foshay, Edward D. Apr 19, 1967 East Midway  
Foshay, George B. Jan 24, 1889 West Midway  
Foshay, John Jun 12, 1950 East Midway  
Foshay, Mary 1877 East Midway  'Daughter'
Foshay, Sarah 1936 East Midway  
Fox, Caroline E. Aug 19, 1921 East Midway w/o Irvin Fox
Fox, Charles R. Mar 21, 1946 East Midway  'Father'
Fox, Flora J. no death date East Midway  'Mother'
Fox, Irvin C. Jul 23, 1915 East Midway Sgt.- Co. A. 47th Ill. Inf.
Fox, Mina H. May 20, 1918 East Midway  
Fox, Weldon C. Mar 26, 1925 East Midway s/o Charles & Flora Fox
Freeze, Henry Jun 19, 1911 West Midway born in OH
Freeze, Martha Nov 18, 1883 West Midway  
Gardner, Catherine 1880 East Midway  
Gardner, Christopher Aug 29, 1865 East Midway  
Gardner, Clyde W. 1930 East Midway  
Gardner, Ethyl I. 19-- East Midway w/o Clyde Gardner; date not cut in stone
George, Emmett 1968 West Midway  
Glaser, Calvin Oscar Aug 16, 1925 West Midway  
Glaser, George L. (Jack) Jr. Sep 11, 1952 West Midway  
Glaser, Ida May 1948 West Midway  'Mother'
Glaser, John O. Feb 25, 1914 West Midway  
Glaser, John W. 1959 West Midway  'Father'
Gray, J. Jan 21, 1858 Drumm  
Grice, Bert O. 1927 West Midway  
Grice, Rose B. 1967 West Midway w/o Bert Grice; maiden name: Cowman
Gumble, Linus K. Jul 1, 1860 West Midway s/o J.C. & M. Gumble
Gunnett, George Feb 17, 1897 Beer  
Gunnett, Isabelle Jul 28, 1899 Beer w/o George Gunnett; maiden name: McFarland
Hale, Ivan H. 19-- West Midway  
Hale, Mamie L. 1924 West Midway w/o Ivan Hale; maiden name: Timmons
Hall, Chester 1960 East Midway  'Father'
Hall, Dwight 1945 East Midway  
Hall, Eliza Jan 16, 1888 West Midway  
Hall, Mary 19-- East Midway  'Mother'
Hall, Norman 1936 East Midway  
Hall, Randa M. 1947 East Midway w/o Truman Hall
Hall, Truman S. 1938 East Midway  
Hamman, Gladys 19-- East Midway date not cut in stone
Hamman, Infant dau. Sep 22, 1876 West Midway d/o Geo. & C. Hamman
Hamman, John A. 1965 East Midway  
Harkless, George 1936 West Midway  'Father'
Harkless, Marjorie 1932 West Midway  'Mother'
Harkless, Maude 1915 West Midway w/o Jay Harkless; maiden name: Johnson
Harkless, Naomi E. Jul 24, 1908 West Midway d/o J. & M. Harkless
Harlan, Andrew J. Sr. 1920 West Midway  
Harlan, Byron 1884 West Midway  
Harlan, Cora L. Mar 23, 1953 West Midway  
Harlan, Cyrus Jan 4, 1861 West Midway  
Harlan, David S. Jul 24, 1892 West Midway  
Harlan, Elizabeth F. 1904 West Midway  
Harlan, Jane  no dates West Midway w/o T. Harlan
Harlan, Jane S. 1905 East Midway  
Harlan, Lizzie P. no death date West Midway w/o Plato Harlan
Harlan, Mary A. Jul 24, 1892 West Midway w/o David Harlan; maiden name: Cowman
Harlan, Milo Nov 5, 1924 West Midway Corp.- Co. G. 83rd Ill. Inf.
Harlan, Napoleon B. Jul 31, 1888 West Midway Co. A. 47th Ill. Inf.
Harlan, Oscar Aug 12, 1949 West Midway  
Harlan, Plato Nov 8, 1901 West Midway Co. A. 47th Ill. Inf.
Harlan, Rose Apr 18, 1950 West Midway  
Harshbarger, Rev. Samuel Mar 7, 1873 West Midway  
Heikes, Louise W. 1967 East Midway  
Hibbard, Charles Roy Nov 5, 1964 West Midway Ill. Wagr. Cas. Det. 1458 Demob. GP WW I & WW II
Hibbard, Josie M. 1939 West Midway  
Hoenback, William F. Jul 2, 1880 West Midway s/o T.S. & E.J. Hoenback
Huff, Iva M. 1966 West Midway  
Huff, James A. 19-- West Midway  
Huff, Joyce Elaine 1943 West Midway infant d/o H.M. & F.I. Huff
Hughbanks, Anna M. 1949 West Midway  'Mother'
Hughbanks, Charles W. 1953 West Midway  
Hughbanks, Dorothy Nov 11, 1930 West Midway  
Hughbanks, Edna A. no death date West Midway  
Hughbanks, Elizabeth Feb 1, 1864 West Midway w/o Joseph Hughbanks; d/o R.W. & M. Combs
Hughbanks, Glen Burton Oct 15, 1908 West Midway s/o Harry & Minnie Hughbanks
Hughbanks, J. Pitt 1935 West Midway  'Father'
Hughbanks, Joseph C. May 1, 1908 West Midway  
Hughbanks, Lucinda E. Jun 5, 1911 West Midway w/o Joseph Hughbanks; maiden name: Dyer
Hughbanks, Minnie 1929 West Midway w/o Harry Hughbanks; maiden name: Betterton
Hummel, Eve Wynona 1935 West Midway  'Mother'
Hummel, G. Ralph 1965 West Midway  
Hummel, John P. ?  26, 1853 Hummel month not legible; s/o W. & E.J. Hummel
Hummel, Newton Walker 1935 West Midway  'Father'
Hummel, R. Irena 1966 West Midway  
Irons, Arthur H. 1944 West Midway  'Father'
Irons, Esther J. 1989 West Midway  
Irons, Flossie M. 1956 West Midway  'Mother'
Irons, Jesse S. no death date West Midway Co. I. 75th Ill. Inf.
Irons, Karma Sue Mar 30, 1952 West Midway  
Irons, Lewis W. 19-- West Midway  'Father'
Irons, Mariah J. 19-- West Midway  'Mother'
Irons, R. Edgar 1959 West Midway  
Johnson, Amanda D. Feb 27, 1928 West Midway  
Johnson, Blanche L. 19-- West Midway  
Johnson, John A. Dec 2, 1902 West Midway  
Johnson, John A. 1928 West Midway  
Johnson, Leona M. 1970 West Midway  
Johnson, Mint R. 1946 West Midway  
Johnson, Otto C. 1932 West Midway  
Johnson, Sarah C. Jan 9, 1915 West Midway  
Jones?, (possibly)   West Midway lot marker 'J'; 6 small footstones, Rufus, Virgil, Arabelle, Flora, Mother, & Father.
Jones, Anna B. 1949 East Midway  
Jones, Bernadean 1903 East Midway d/o W.R. & A.B. Jones
Jones, Byron L. 1926 East Midway s/o James & Sarah Jones
Jones, James Louis Jul 7, 1931 East Midway  
Jones, Lois M. Jan 1946 East Midway infant d/o K.H. & L.J. Jones
Jones, Owen Apr 16, 1957 East Midway large 'Jones' stone between Owen & Phillip
Jones, Phillip Earl Oct 14, 1950 East Midway  
Jones, Sarah Helen Jun 27, 1931 East Midway  
Jones, William R. 1960 East Midway  
Karr, Mary Ann 1867 Beer d/o J. & M. Karr
Kelley, Ethel E. Mar 27, 1916 West Midway  
Kepler, Albert 1929 West Midway  
Kepler, Emanuel 1940 West Midway  
Kepler, Minnie 1946 West Midway  
Kepler, Ora B. 1938 West Midway  
Kerr, Infant son   Beer s/o J. & S. Kerr
Kitchen, children   West Midway children of Fred & Savilla Kitchen (unknown names or how many children)
Kitchen, Fred   West Midway  
Kitchen, Savilla   West Midway  
Lankford, Glora Ann 1943 East Midway infant d/o Nelda Lankford
Lankford, Nelda Gertrude 1943 East Midway  
Largent, Charles F. 1915 East Midway  
Largent, Ida M. 1955 East Midway w/o Charles Largent
Largent, Vera I. 1967 East Midway  
Lawson, John T. May 3, 1884 Beer  
Lee, Ellen Mar 30, 1863 West Midway w/o Aaron Lee
Lee, John Apr 15, 1852 Hummel s/o T. & E. Lee
Lockwood, Alice G. 1898 West Midway w/o William Lockwood
Lockwood, William 19-- West Midway  
Lowman, Lina H. Jan 12, 1885 West Midway w/o W.C. Lowman
Lucan, C. 1897 West Midway  
Lucan, P. Emma 1925 West Midway  
Luman, Melissa E. Jun11, 1864 West Midway d/o E. & M.E. Luman
Markham, Ruben Henry May 15, 1875 West Midway  
Martin, George Donovan Jan 27, 1943 East Midway s/o H.D. & K.O. Martin
McClelland, Robert F. Nov 19, 1859 Weaver  
McClelland, Sarah A. Nov 5, 1859 Weaver d/o R.R. & E. McClelland
McFarland, Andrew  Jun 14, 1865 Beer  
McFarland, Andrew Jackson May 8, 1849 Beer s/o A. & M. McFarland
McKenna, Delia 1961 West Midway  
McKenna, George 19-- West Midway  
McKenna, James W. Aug 1884 West Midway 6 months
McKenna, Lavon 1919 West Midway  
McKenna, Thomas Edward Jul 30, 1915 West Midway  
McKenna, Thomas J. Oct 8, 1902 West Midway  'Son'
McMahon, Addie 1959 West Midway  
McMahon, Charles 1940 West Midway  
Miller, Roy H. 1948 West Midway  
Miller, Sarah 19-- West Midway  
Mills, A. Elizabeth 1935 West Midway w/o George Mills
Mills, George Ellery 1935 West Midway  
Mitchel, Infant Jan 17, 1867 West Midway  'A Bud on Earth to Bloom in Heaven. The Babe of B.F. & L.A. Mitchel'
Mitchell, Surilda Nov 3, 1965 East Midway maiden name: Selph
Moler, Alexander 1895 West Midway  
Moler, Chester A. 1953 West Midway  
Moler, Gladys 1930 East Midway w/o Chester Moler
Moler, Lenora J. 1953 West Midway  
Moler, Manis S. no death date West Midway  
Moler, William Edward 1959 West Midway  
Morey, Pearl 1925 East Midway w/o Frank Morey; maiden name: Darland
Morse, Kenneth Wayne Aug 31, 1949 East Midway  
Moshier, Eliza A. Oct 26, 1931 West Midway w/o Henry Moshier
Moshier, Emma L. 1878 West Midway  
Moshier, Henry P. Mar 28, 1908 West Midway Bugler  Co. D. 7th Ill. Cav.
Moshier, Mary C. 1861 West Midway  
Nichols, Nellie E. 1969 East Midway  
Nichols, Ray R. 1939 East Midway  
no remaining stones here   Zinn  
Norris, F. Nelda 1993 West Midway  
Norris, J. Anthony 19-- West Midway  'Father'
Norris, M. Andrew 1965 West Midway  
Norris, Mary J. 1943 East Midway  
Norris, Michiel B. 1937 East Midway  
Norris, Olive L. 1956 West Midway  'Mother'
Norval, Arminda 1917 West Midway w/o Enoch Norval; maiden name: Osborne
Norval, Charles F. 1945 West Midway  'Father'
Norval, Enoch E. 1940 West Midway  
Norval, Grace 1945 West Midway  'Mother'
Norval, James K. Dec 17, 1908 West Midway  
Norval, Julia A. Jan 1, 18-- West Midway d/o O. & M.J. Norval
Norval, Margaret E. Mar 26, 1882 West Midway w/o James Norval
Norval, Mary J. Jun 22, 1912 West Midway w/o Oliver Norval; maiden name: Sampson
Norval, Mary Jane 1944 West Midway  
Norval, Oliver Apr 19, 1891 West Midway  
Norvill, H. A. 1915 East Midway  
Norvill, Lucy 1884 East Midway w/o H.A. Norvill
Norville, Douglas Allen Oct 18, 1942 East Midway s/o D.V. & M.E. Norville
Objartel, Carl 1935 East Midway  
Objartel, Hattie 1927 East Midway w/o Carl Objartel
Ogle, Alex G. 1943 East Midway  
Ogle, Emma P. 1958 East Midway w/o Alex Ogle
Ogle, Guy F. 1931 East Midway  
Ogle, Margaret E. 19-- East Midway w/o Guy Ogle
Origer, male Mar 16, 1873 East Midway s/o G.A. & M. Origer; top of stone broken off
Osborne, Alexander Dec 25, 1875 Beer  
Osborne, Jennie Mar 28, 1875 Beer  
Owens, Margaret V. 1940 East Midway  
Owens, Polly 1955 East Midway  'Daughter'; maiden name: Ross
Palmer, Anson L. 1943 West Midway  
Palmer, Mary  Jan 1, 1869 West Midway w/o David Palmer; maiden name: Campbell
Palmer, Mary H. Jan 26, 1869 West Midway w/o David G. Palmer
Phillippi, Caroline Feb 8, 1925 West Midway w/o Martin Phillippi
Phillippi, Martin Jan 30, 1873 West Midway  
Phillippi, Sarah E. Aug 31, 1864 West Midway d/o Martin & Caroline Phillippi
Phillips, Edwin S. Jan 6, 1888 West Midway s/o E. & S. Phillips
Phillips, S. Edwin Apr 15, 1900 West Midway Co. E. 83rd Ill. Inf.
Phillips, Silence E. Apr 2, 190- West Midway w/o Edwin Phillips
Pippert, John Henry Jun 1, 1927 East Midway Pvt.- 16th U.S. Ill. Inf.
Platt, Ida Mae Mar 7, 1901 West Midway w/o W.R. Platt; maiden name: Romine
Pratt, John 1908 East Midway  
Pratt, John Jul 26, 1879 East Midway  
Pratt, Mary  Oct 3, 1881 East Midway  
Pratt, Mary E. 1911 East Midway w/o John Pratt; maiden name: Street
Pratt, Nellie Oct 20, 1891 East Midway d/o W.T. & L. Pratt
Pratt, Sarah 1934 East Midway  
Pratt, William E. Mar 10, 1909 East Midway  
Pumfrey, John Charles 1968 West Midway  
Re--, Mary Jun 11, 18-- West Midway w/o J.E. Re--
Reamer, Mary E. Jan 3, 1863 East Midway d/o J. & E. Reamer
Reece, Frank 1961 East Midway  
Reed, Cora L. 1954 East Midway w/o James E. Reed; maiden name: Baker
Reed, Cyril E. 1970 West Midway  
Reed, Delilah Mar 11, 1853 Beer d/o C.B. & N.R. Reed
Reed, Elizabeth  Jul 22, 1859 Beer w/o James Reed
Reed, Elizabeth K. 1919 West Midway  
Reed, Harriett E. 19-- West Midway  
Reed, James 1928 East Midway  
Reed, James 1902 Beer  
Reed, James W. 1925 West Midway  
Reed, John Oct 5, 1853 Beer s/o J. & R. Reed
Reed, Mark H. Aug 15, 1887 West Midway s/o J.W. & H.E. Reed
Reed, Mary 1928 East Midway d/o J. & C. Reed
Reed, Mary Linda Sep 4, 1954 West Midway maiden name: Glaser
Reed, Mathew Jun 23, ? Beer year not legible
Reed, Virgil V. 1935 East Midway  
Reed, William Nov 25, 1860 Beer s/o J. & R. Reed
Reeve, Mary Oct 1, 1854 Weaver w/o Robert Reeve
Rice, C. Maralee 1922 East Midway  
Rice, Kenneth B. Mar 31, 1965 East Midway Pfc. Ill. 362nd Field Arty. B.B. WW II
Riley, Rickie Neal Sep 13, 1967 East Midway  
Rippy, Robert T. 1962 East Midway  'Husband'
Rist, Jacob Jan 26, 1872 Beer  
Rist, Jacob W. Feb 11, 1872 Beer  
Rist, Mary Nov 14, 1874 Beer w/o Jacob Rist
Roads, Henry A. Jan 12, 1861 West Midway s/o W.B. & L.E. Roads
Roads, Janett E. Dec 15, 1866 West Midway d/o W.B. & L.E. Roads
Rodgers, Albert 1933 East Midway s/o Clarence & Mary Rodgers
Rodgers, Clarence 1934 East Midway  
Rodgers, Clarence 1931 East Midway s/o Clarence & Mary Rodgers
Rodgers, Mary S. 1931 East Midway w/o Clarence Rodgers
Romine, Margaret Mar 4, 1871 West Midway w/o G.W. Romine
Rose, A. D. Nov 25, 1898 East Midway  
Rose, Amy F. Feb 16, 1872 East Midway d/o A.D. & C.J. Rose
Rose, Clarissa J. no death date East Midway w/o A.D.Rose; date not cut in stone
Rose, Cora E. 1950 East Midway  'Mother'
Rose, Edith B. Aug 9, 1913 East Midway  
Rose, Jonathan F. Jan 9, 1866 East Midway s/o D. & H. Rose
Rose, Lucius T. 1942 East Midway  'Father'
Rose, Margaret May 27, 1896 West Midway w/o David Rose; maiden name: Ulm
Rose, Margaret W. Aug 4, 1871 East Midway w/o David Rose
Rose, Robert R. 1941 East Midway  
Rose, William S. Aug 2, 1870 East Midway s/o A.D. & C.J. Rose
Rose, William S. Jul 21, 1871 East Midway s/o A.D. & C.J. Rose
Rosenberg, Mary E. 1896 West Midway  
Ross, Annie C. 1933 East Midway w/o Stockton Ross
Ross, Stockton J. 1920 East Midway  
Rotchford, James N. Apr 27, 1893 West Midway  
Ryan, Mart 1967 West Midway  
Ryan, Mattie 1955 West Midway w/o Mart Ryan
Sampson, Alpha 1957 West Midway  
Sampson, Anna Mae 1906 West Midway  'Mother'
Sampson, Hosiah 1877 West Midway  
Sampson, Josiah H. Mar 27, 1912 West Midway  
Sampson, Lena C. 19-- West Midway  
Sampson, Martha 1942 East Midway  
Sampson, Martha A. Mar 3, 1918 West Midway w/o Josiah Sampson; maiden name: Street
Sampson, Mildred W. 1885 West Midway  
Sampson, Nellie 1960 West Midway  
Sampson, Olive B. 1893 West Midway  
Sampson, Richard H. Jr.. 1967 West Midway  'Father'
Sampson, Richard H. Sr. 1940 West Midway  
Sampson, William 1854 West Midway  
Sanders, Charles W. 1950 East Midway  
Sanders, Clinton L. Dec 22, 1960 West Midway  
Sanders, Florence E.   East Midway  
Sanders, Laura A. 1913 East Midway  
Sanders, Lorene no death date West Midway  
Sanders, Paul M.   East Midway  
Saverley, Clara S. 1931 East Midway w/o George W. Saverley
Saverley, George W. 1938 East Midway  
Saverley, H. Edmond 1920 East Midway  
Saverley, Jessie Maude 1929 East Midway  
Schaning, Alice N. 1933 West Midway  
Schaning, George D. 1912 West Midway  
Schaning, Mark W. 1948 West Midway  
Schaning, Mary M. Aug 15, 1895 West Midway d/o G. & A. Schaning
Schaning, Randal C. 1921 West Midway  
Schmidt, Elizabeth May 13, 1897 West Midway w/o Ferdinand Schmidt; maiden name: Schafer
Schmidt, Ferdinand Jun 15, 1897 West Midway  
Selph, Alfred Freeman Nov 14, 1923 East Midway  
Selph, Dwight Warren Oct 10, 1914 East Midway  
Selph, Erskine 1947 East Midway  'Son'
Selph, Phylander 1939 East Midway  
Selph, Sarah F. 1927 East Midway  
Shallenberger, Abraham 1916 East Midway  
Shallenberger, Benjamin 1849 East Midway s/o Jacob & Mary Shallenberger
Shallenberger, Jacob 1849 East Midway  
Shallenberger, Jacob 1848 East Midway s/o Jacob & Mary Shallenberger
Shallenberger, John 1861 East Midway s/o Jacob & Mary Shallenberger
Shallenberger, Mary 1873 East Midway w/o Jacob Shallenberger
Shallenberger, Paul 1848 East Midway s/o Jacob & Mary Shallenberger
Shaver, Belle 1931 West Midway  
Shaver, Frank 1920 West Midway  
Sheldon, Belva A. 1942 West Midway  
Sheldon, Fred O. 19-- West Midway  
Shover, Gertrude 1946 West Midway maiden name: Terwilliger
Shover, Harry Oct 2, 1953 West Midway Pfc. Hq. Co. 346th Ill. Inf. WW I
Shreves, Kittie Oct 18, 1888 West Midway w/o W.C. Shreves
Shumard, Anna 1890 West Midway w/o John Shumard
Shumard, John P. 1880 West Midway stone erected here, but buried near Lockport IN.
Shumard, Mary M. 1895 West Midway w/o Perry Shumard
Shumard, Perry 1925 West Midway  
Sibert, Dorothy M. no death date East Midway  
Sibert, Jennie 1954 East Midway  
Sibert, Marvin R. 1964 East Midway  
Sibert, Rev. J. Edgar 1967 East Midway  
Simpson, William F. 1890 West Midway Co. I. 86th Ill. Inf.
Smith, Charity no death date West Midway w/o Eliphalet Smith
Smith, Eliphalet May 30, 1885 West Midway  
Smysor, Edna C. 19-- East Midway  
Smysor, Maxine L. 1919 East Midway  
Smysor, Walter B. 1951 East Midway  
Snyder, John R. Feb 11, 1952 West Midway  
Spence, Abram 1876 Beer  
Spence, Eliza 1885 Beer  
Sprinkle, William Oct 2, 1862 Beer s/o T. & A. Sprinkle
Spurlock, Adelia H. Sep 30, 1916 West Midway 2nd w/o Rev. Percival Spurlock
Spurlock, Benjamin R. D. Aug 17 19-- West Midway  
Spurlock, Charles H. May 21, 1877 West Midway s/o B.R. & S.A. Spurlock
Spurlock, Clara B. Mar 14, 1875 West Midway d/o B.R. & S.A. Spurlock
Spurlock, Earl P. 1953 West Midway  
Spurlock, Elva 1953 West Midway  
Spurlock, Helen 1916 West Midway  
Spurlock, Martha M. Dec 15, 1872 West Midway 1st w/o Rev. P. Spurlock
Spurlock, Pearl 1959 West Midway  
Spurlock, Rev. Percival Apr 1, 1894 West Midway  
Spurlock, Susan Amanda May 21, 1911 West Midway  
Spurlock, Susannah May 14, 1927 West Midway w/o Earl P. Spurlock
Spurlock, Worth 1949 West Midway  
Stairwalt, Charles 1920 East Midway infant s/o F.C. & P.K. Stairwalt
Stairwalt, David Vern Apr 12/14, 1945 East Midway s/o G.R. & C.A. Stairwalt
Stairwalt, Hattie 1931 East Midway maiden name: Hoxworth
Stairwalt, Max E. 1922 East Midway infant s/o F.C. & P.K. Stairwalt
Stairwalt, William J. 1930 East Midway  
Starnes, Earl C. 19-- West Midway  
Starnes, Elsie L. 1967 West Midway  
Steward, John C. 19-- West Midway  'Father'
Steward, Mary E. 1903 West Midway  'Mother'
Steward, Ralph Edward Aug 24, 1931 West Midway Pvt.- 168th Ill. Inf. 42nd Div.
Stobauch, Florence Mar 24, 1858 Beer w/o John Stobauch
Stobauch, Sarah Aug 15, 1856 Beer d/o J. & F. Stobauch
Strong, Alonzo Jul 1, 1898 West Midway  
Strong, Hannah Dec 12, 1892 West Midway w/o Alonzo Strong; maiden name: Haines
Sullivan, Anna A. Sep 19, 1921 East Midway w/o Elijah Sullivan; maiden name: Curtis
Sullivan, Elijah Aug 15, 1918 East Midway Sgt. Co. A. 47th Ill. Inf.
Swadley, Homer 1947 West Midway  
Swadley, Milton Mar 9, 1956 West Midway Pfc. Ill Medical Dept. WW I
Swartz, Christopher M. Oct 19, 1865 East Midway Co. B. 103rd Ill. Inf.
Swartz, Harry H. 1945 East Midway  
Swartz, Henry R. Sep 16, 1921 East Midway Co. B. 103rd Ill. Inf.
Swartz, Howard William Jun 8, 1957 East Midway Ill. Major Dental Corps., WW I & II
Swartz, Lottie L. 1938 East Midway  
Swartz, Margaret Nov 2, 1873 East Midway w/o Henry Swartz Sr.
Swigert, Clifton M. 1935 East Midway  
Swigert, Cora L. 1941 East Midway  
Switzer, Elmira J. no death date East Midway w/o Isaac Switzer; death date not cut in stone
Switzer, Isaac Feb 21, 1906 East Midway Co. D. 64th Ill. Inf.
Tallant, Luella Apr 6, 1884 West Midway d/o Wm. & D. Tallant
Taylor, ?   West Midway cement marker
Taylor, Collin J. 19-- East Midway  
Taylor, Dick   West Midway cement marker
Taylor, Mary B. 1968 East Midway  
Taylor, Sarah E. 1955 East Midway  
Taylor, William 1941 East Midway  
Tegethoff, Beulah M. 19-- West Midway  
Tegethoff, Robert E. 1968 West Midway  
Terwilliger, Abraham Aug 14, 190- West Midway  
Terwilliger, Alice R. 1930 West Midway  

Terwilliger, Allen R.                    

1954 West Midway  
Terwilliger, Edna D. Oct 11, 1876 West Midway  
Terwilliger, Elva C. Oct 5, 1876 West Midway  
Terwilliger, Emma A. 1922 West Midway w/o William Terwilliger
Terwilliger, Ernest E. 1946 West Midway  
Terwilliger, L. Belle 1950 West Midway  
Terwilliger, Olen E. 1937 West Midway  
Terwilliger, Phillip Mar 1, 189- West Midway  
Terwilliger, Reba Jan 21, 1903 West Midway d/o E.E. & L.F. Terwilliger
Terwilliger, Rosa C. Apr 2, 1912 West Midway w/o P. Terwilliger
Terwilliger, Sadie M. 1945 West Midway  
Terwilliger, William 1941 West Midway  
Tharp, Clara Ann 1923 East Midway w/o Lemuel Tharp
Tharp, Lemuel F. 19-- East Midway date not cut in stone
Thurman, 2 Infant boys   West Midway Charles & Arthur
Thurman, Anna M. 19-- East Midway  
Thurman, Arlando B. 1923 West Midway  
Thurman, Blanche Jul 7, 1881 West Midway d/o James & L.J. Thurman
Thurman, Caroline L. 1948 East Midway  
Thurman, Catherine no dates East Midway w/o Kethley Thurman
Thurman, Clyde B. 1967 East Midway  
Thurman, Edward Dec 16, 1887 West Midway  
Thurman, Ella Nov 1, 1874 West Midway  
Thurman, Etha R. 1968 West Midway  'Mother'
Thurman, Frank 1946 East Midway  
Thurman, Hannah M. Jul 17, 1889 West Midway w/o Edward Thurman
Thurman, Henry B. Apr 29, 1887 West Midway  
Thurman, James B. Nov 22, 1918 West Midway  
Thurman, John H. 1947 West Midway  'Father'
Thurman, John L. Aug 21, 1891 West Midway s/o J.L. & F.E. Thurman
Thurman, Kethley 1931 East Midway  
Thurman, Lilly M. Sep 16, 1882 West Midway d/o James & L.J. Thurman
Thurman, Loren E. 1924 West Midway  'Dad'
Thurman, Lovey Feb 15, 1888 West Midway d/o James & L.J. Thurman
Thurman, Martha A. 1940 West Midway  
Thurman, Medora A. 1953 West Midway  'Mother'
Thurman, Nellie Mae 1949 East Midway  
Thurman, O. Everette 1940 East Midway  
Thurman, Thomas A. 1905 West Midway  
Thurman, Wilber H. Jan 15, 1896 West Midway  
Thurman, William 1909 West Midway  
Tice, Edwin O. 1948 East Midway Lt. Ill. 335th A.A.F. Base Unit, WW II
Tice, Eldryn 1935 East Midway  ‘Baby’
Tice, Iola M. 1900 East Midway  'Mother'
Tice, Murel E. 1900 East Midway  'Father'
Tillman, Lewis 1947 East Midway  
Timmons, Andrew J. Nov 4, 1905 West Midway  
Timmons, Arthur C. 1955 West Midway  'Father'
Timmons, Augusta May 14, 1868 West Midway d/o A.J. & S.A. Timmons
Timmons, Dora M. 1938 West Midway  'Mother'
Timmons, Frances Mae 1923 West Midway  'Daughter'
Timmons, H. Marie 1942 West Midway  'Mother'
Timmons, Johnson 1935 West Midway  'Father'
Timmons, Joseph N. 1924 West Midway  
Timmons, Lucinda Dec 23, 1862 West Midway w/o S.S. Timmons
Timmons, M. J. Jun 14, 1878 West Midway w/o P.S. Timmons & d/o R.W. McCombs
Timmons, Mabel E. Sep 15, 1892 West Midway d/o J. & D.M. Timmons
Timmons, Martha Apr 18, 1848 West Midway d/o S.S. & L. Timmons
Timmons, Mary A. 1954 West Midway  'Mother'
Timmons, Mary G. 1941 West Midway  
Timmons, Mina L. 1947 West Midway  
Timmons, Paul A. 19-- West Midway  'Father'
Timmons, Robert Lee 1946 West Midway  'Son' ; Co. E. 410th U.S. Inf. 103rd Div.
Timmons, Sarah Jun 23, 1913 West Midway w/o Andrew Timmons
Timmons, Stephen S.   West Midway  
Timmons, Thomas H. Mar 20, 1862 West Midway s/o S.S. & L. Timmons
Tinder, Bernie R. 1963 West Midway  
Tinder, Nedra V. 19-- West Midway  
Turnbull, Alta P. 1953 West Midway  
Turnbull, William F. 1953 West Midway  
Turner, James no dates West Midway  
Tuttle, Bertha 19-- West Midway  
Tuttle, John 1933 West Midway  
Ulm, Ada V. 1965 West Midway  
Ulm, Belva S. 1979 West Midway  
Ulm, Charles F. 1944 West Midway  'Father'
Ulm, Edwin R. 1966 West Midway  
Ulm, Erma Z. 1990 East Midway  
Ulm, Frances W. 1946 West Midway  'Mother'
Ulm, Fred T. 1970 West Midway  
Ulm, Ginger Kaye 1947 East Midway stone reads 'Heavens long age of Bliss shall pay for all His Children suffer here'
Ulm, Jacob Jun 1, 1909 West Midway Co. F. 19th Reg. Ohio Inf.
Ulm, Joseph Rose 1950 East Midway  'Father'
Ulm, Raymond R. 1986 East Midway  
Ulm, Robert R. 1920 West Midway  
Ulm, Sally Estelle 1934 East Midway w/o Joseph Ulm; 'Mother'
Ulm. Aura May 1940 West Midway  'Mother'
Umsted, William I. 1939 East Midway  
Unknown female   East Midway only base of stone left, says 'Erected by her sister, Salomie' (Solomie)
Unknown female   East Midway stone reads 'Daughter' with initials 'A.F.R.'
Unknown grave   East Midway  
Unknown grave   West Midway footmarker with no name or initials
Unknown grave   West Midway cement marker
Unknown grave   West Midway only base of stone remains
Unmarked grave   West Midway  
Unmarked grave   West Midway says 'Lankford'
Unmarked grave   West Midway says 'George'
Unmarked grave   West Midway  
Vermillion, G. Everett 1905 West Midway  
Vin Camp, Carnelia H. 1953 West Midway w/o William Vin Camp
Vin Camp, William H. 1919 West Midway  
Vorhees, Sister Mary F. 1960 East Midway  
Wadsworth, Eliza 1904 East Midway w/o Thomas Wadsworth
Wadsworth, Thomas 1852 East Midway  
Walford, Carrol W. Aug 19, 1962 West Midway Pvt. Co. L. 326th Ill. Inf. WW I
Walford, Estella M. 1963 West Midway w/o Carrol Walford
Walford, Mary E. Jul 13, 1922 East Midway  
Weaver, David Jul 18, 1853 Weaver  
Weaver, Elizabeth Aug 31, 187- Weaver w/o David Weaver
Weaver, Harriet E. Jan 27, 1874 Weaver w/o Isaac Weaver; maiden name: Reeve
Weaver, Henry Clay Mar 21, 1851 Weaver  
Weaver, Infant son Jun 1, 1842 Weaver s/o J. & H. Weaver
Weaver, Infant son Sep 5, 1841 Weaver s/o J. & H. Weaver
Weaver, Infant son Jun 14, 1883 Weaver s/o B. D. & H. A. Weaver
Weaver, Mary Emily Aug 10, 1864 Weaver d/o I. & H. C. Weaver
Weaver, Polly Apr 19, 1855 Weaver w/o William Weaver
Weaver, William Apr 11, 1879 Weaver  
Welch, Albert N. 1940 West Midway  
Welch, Alice 19-- East Midway  
Welch, Clare E. Feb 20, 1938 West Midway w/o William Welch; maiden name: Bond
Welch, Claudia B. 1920 West Midway  
Welch, Court 1939 East Midway  
Welch, Edgar D. 1946 West Midway  
Welch, Franklin J. 1943 West Midway  
Welch, Jacob 1927 West Midway Sgt. Co. F. 8th Kansas Inf.
Welch, Joseph Feb 29, 1880 West Midway  
Welch, Margaret E. May 18, 1888 West Midway  
Welch, Mary A. 1925 West Midway w/o Jacob Welch
Welch, Mina B. 19-- West Midway  
Welch, Rosanna C. Feb 2, 1860 West Midway  
Welch, William E. Sep 24, 1900 West Midway  
Welty, Lucy A. Dec 31, 1914 East Midway  
West, Harmon Sep 8, 1854 Drumm  
White, Edward G. 1956 East Midway  
White, Emma A. 1937 East Midway  
White, Mother Mildred M. 1945 East Midway  
White, Owen H. 1917 East Midway s/o E.G. & E.A. White
White, Samuel D. 1904 East Midway  
White, Sylvia L. 1912 East Midway  
Whiteworth, Lynnette B. Oct 24, 1964 East Midway  
Whitsell, Isabel May 30, 1865 Beer w/o P. Whitsell
Whitsell, Peter May 29, 1884 Beer  
Wilkin, Curtis 1958 East Midway  
Wilkin, Frank 1918 East Midway  
Wilkin, Jessie 19-- East Midway date not cut in stone
Wilkin, John F. 1930 East Midway  'Father'
Wilkin, Solomie 19-- East Midway date not cut in stone
Wilkin, Tillie C. Jan 5, 1906 East Midway w/o Curtis Wilkin; maiden name: Rose
Wilkin, Wayne 1917 East Midway s/o J. F. & S. C. Wilkin
Wilson, Sarah A. Mar 4, 1903 West Midway w/o William Wilson
Wilson, William Y. Mar 14, 1885 West Midway  
Witsell, Artlissa 1926 East Midway  'Mother'
Witsell, J. A. 1934 East Midway  'Husband'
Witsell, Sadie 1931 East Midway  'Wife'
Wolford, Carroll R. Jan 1, 1936 East Midway  
Wolford, Margaret J. Feb 28, 1928 East Midway w/o Carroll Wolford; maiden name: Parks
Young, Anna Ruth no death date West Midway  'Mother'
Young, C. Howard no death date West Midway  'Father'
Young, Rodric H. 1969 West Midway  'Son'


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