Pollitt Cemetery


Pollitt Cemetery is located in Liverpool Township in the southeast quarter of Section 1. If you are going in a southwesterly direction on Route 24 (past Rice Lake), turn right on Pollitt Road (2350E). You'll see the cemetery on your left in the middle of an old strip-mining area. A few of the stones are unreadable.

An African-American named Morgan Day was one of the few who helped bury the cholera victims of 1849, including his wife and three children. Mr. Day [probably the son of Austin Day...Roy Girard] sold his farm in 1850 for 6 cents an acre to James H. Pollitt and subsequently went to live with George Parker. Mr. Day was later buried with his wife and children, along the outside of the fence row of this cemetery. When the strip mining company came to Fulton County, the company wanted to move the cemetery, but the Pollitts acquired enough signatures on their petition to stop the move. Unfortunately, the strip mining company did manage to remove or dig up the Day family. Refer to Vol. 5 of the cemetery books compiled by the FCGS. Additional information was supplied by Roy Girard and Shirley Slover.



This cemetery was "walked" by Janine Crandell on Apr. 3, 2004 & Feb. 18, 2012.

The data below was compiled by Danni Hopkins & J. Crandell using a complete
inventory of headstone photos, death certs. at familysearch.org, Illinois State
Archives Marriage/Death index, 1956 Veterans' Honor Roll, obituaries,
Murphy-Sedgwick Funeral Home records (FCHGS pub.), personal
research contributed by family historians & the FCHGS cem. book(excerpts)

Personal research was submitted by Danni Hopkins, Roy Girard and Shirley Slover.






BECKSTEAD, Ida   Dec. 9, 1882 7y 2m  
CLARK, Lorenzo D. June 9, 1891 Banner Twp. Ill. May 1, 1963   h/o Margaret Rilea; s/o Hector S.
Clark & Effie Pollitt Pvt. Co. M. 5 Ill. Inf. NG WWI
CLARK, Margaret Apr. 23, 1896 Buckheart Twp. Ill. Apr. 10, 1966   w/o Lorenzo D. Clark; s/o Robert Rilea & Mary Harper
DAY, Morgan (Mr. & Mrs. & 3 Children)       Negro family-came to Ill. in 1845-helped care for Cholera victims in 1849; Sold farm in 1850 to Pollitts for 6 cents an acre
DICK, Byron L. July 29, 1934 Canton, Il. July 29, 1934   s/o John Dick b Avon, Il. & Jean Pollitt b Canton, Il.; see dc
DICK, Carolyn Jane Nov. 10, 1956 Canton, Il. Dec. 23, 1956   s/o John Dick & Jean Pollitt
DICK, Junior   Jun. 28, 1932   s/o John Dick b Avon, Il. & Jean Pollitt b Canton, Il.; dc states death date as Jun. 29, 1932
DICK, Ronald Lee Sept. 8, 1933 Canton, Il. Nov. 7, 1933   s/o Clyde Dick b Banner, Il. & Jean Pollitt b Canton, Il. see dc
DOUD, Levi L.   Oct. 2, 1865 1yr 13d s/o J. L. & S. A. Doud
ESTES, Anna M. Nov. 26, 1877 Aug. 3, 1878   d/o John P. Estes & Caroline C. Beckstead
ESTES, James P. Oct. 24, 1872 Nov. 13, 1877   s/o John P. Estes & Caroline C. Beckstead
ESTES, Joseph Mar. 6, 1873 Mar. 9, 1873   s/o John P. Estes & Caroline C. Beckstead; stone barely readable
ESTES, Maria J. Mar. 6, 1875 Jan. 26, 1876   d/o John P. Estes & Caroline C. Beckstead; stone barely readable
FOUTS, Glen A. Mar. 6, 1901 Banner Tp., Fulton Co. Il. Dec. 14, 1967   d/o Francis Fouts & Effie Pollitt
FOUTS, Mary Marie Mar. 29, 1904 Canton, Ill. June 29, 1965   w/o Glen A. Fouts; d/o Ira Wheeler & Ida Baughman
LAMB, Infant twin   Jan. 5, 1908   s/o Frank Emery Lamb & Sylvia Alma Lingenfelter
LAMB, Infant twin   Jan. 5, 1908   s/o Frank Emery Lamb & Sylvia Alma Lingenfelter
LANDRITH, Effie Nov. 11, 1863 Banner, Il. May 26, 1938   w/o Neil Landrith; s/o George Pollit b Ky. & Mary Beckstead b Canada see d.c.
PEEK, Elizabeth   Oct. 24, 1869 28y 1m 17d w/o John T. Peek
PEEK, Ellen   May 16, 1866 1y d/o John T. & Elizabeth Peek
PEEK, Spencer   Sept. 7, 1870 10m 14d s/o John T. & Elizabeth Peek
POLLITT, Alexander H.   Oct. 23, 1886 63y 1m 18d s/o James Pollitt & Mary Thomas; h/o Mary Elizabeth Estes
POLLITT, Alvin Alexander Oct. 3, 1825 Ky. Oct. 20, 1905   s/o James Pollitt & Mary Thomas; h/o Emaline C. Estes
POLLITT, Baby Aug. 26, 1921 Aug. 26, 1921   Fa Grover C. Pollitt Mo Minerva Nott; see d.c.
POLLITT, Chas. H. July 15, 1868 Liverpool Tp Nov. 2, 1943   h/o Zella Beckstead; s/o Alvin Pollitt b Ky & Emily Estes b Ill.; see d.c.
POLLITT, Clifford Bryan Sept. 11, 1897 Jan. 29, 1924   s/o G. A. Pollitt & Iva Beckstead; see d.c.
POLLITT, Emaline C. Nov. 6, 1831 Nov. 10, 1915   w/o Alvin Pollitt; stone says 1830
POLLITT, Elizabeth Jane June 12, 1932 June 12, 1932   d/o James Thomas Pollitt & Harriet H. McCamant
POLLITT, Elsie Aug. 26, 1895 Aug. 6, 1921   s/o Wm. Bedwell & Phoebe Hall; w/o James Thomas Pollitt; see dc
POLLITT, Eva May Jun. 14, 1879 Nov. 15, 1936   w/o Geo. A. Pollitt; s/o Rollen Beckstead b Canada & Susan Richey; see dc
POLLITT, Francis M.   Feb. 13, 1871/1874 3(0?)y 9m 21d s/o James Pollitt and Mary Thomas
POLLITT, Gene (twin) June 25, 1917 July 14, 1917   s/o Benjamin Everett Pollitt& Nellie Ora Johnson; Twin/o June;no photo
POLLITT, George Alvin Oct. 10, 1876 Apr. 8, 1948   h/o Eva Mae Beckstead; s/o Oliver P. Pollitt & Mary McElwee b Ohio; see dc
POLLITT, Geo. C. July 28, 1847 Liverpool Tp Aug. 21, 1930   h/o Sadie Johnson; s/o Alexander Pollitt b Ky & Elizabeth Estes b Ky; see dc
POLLITT, Herbert   Aug. 12, 1879 1y 2m 19d? s/o Oliver P. Pollitt & Mary C. McElwee
POLLITT, James   Feb. 14, 1875 76y 6m 21d s/o Jonathon Pollitt & Narcissa Pollitt; h/o Mary Thomas; first Pollitt to come to Ill.
POLLITT, James A.   Aug. 9, 1896 32y 9m 27d s/o James Thomas Pollitt & Orilla Anita Beckstead; h/o Martha Mae Kendall
POLLITT, James L. July 17, 1855 Liverpool Tp Dec. 31, 1941   h/o Josephine Beebe & Rachel Ringhouse-Wolf; s/o Alvin Pollitt b Ky & Emily Estes; dc says 1940 as death year
POLLITT, James Thomas June 19, 1835 Ky May 18, 1916   h/o Orilla A. Beckstead; s/o James Pollitt b Ky & Mary Thomas b Ky; see dc
POLLITT, John A.   Mar. 31, 1876 7m 4d s/o George C. & N. M.
POLLITT, John A. Dec. 9, 1852 Aug. 21, 1915   s/o Alvin Pollitt b Ky & Emily Estes; h/o Sarah Mary Bell & Rachel L. Canevit; see dc
POLLITT, June (twin) June 25, 1917 Liverpool Tp Sept. 2, 1917   d/o B. E. Pollitt & Nellie Johnson; see dc; twin to Gene
POLLITT, Mary A.   Oct. 6, 1902 53y  
POLLITT, Mary C. March 7, 1843 Oh. Aug. 28, 1926   w/o Oliver P. Pollitt; d/o Geo. McElwell b Ohio & Hanna Bowman b Ohio; see d.c.
POLLITT, Mary Caroline   Sept. 6, 1857 8m 12d d/o Alvin Alexander Pollitt & Emaline C. Estes
POLLITT, Mary Elizabeth Oct. 25, 1825 Dec. 27, 1905   w/o Alexander H. Pollitt; d/o Lewis Estes & Anna Farris
POLLITT, Nancy M.   July 28, 1882 31y 6m 12d w/o Geo. C. Pollitt; d/o Peter Harper and Nancy Gadberry
POLLITT, Oliver P. Dec. 7, 1848 Apr. 20, 1912   h/o Mary C. McElwee; s/o Alvin Alexander Pollitt & Emaline C. Estes
POLLITT, Orilla June 23, 1840 Canton Mar. 9, 1911   w/o James T. Pollitt; d/o George Beckstead & Dinah Middah
POLLITT, Ruby Helen Jul. 29, 1915 Dec. 30, 1916   d/o James Thomas & Elsie (Bedwell) Pollitt
POLLITT, William H. Jan. 26, 1865 Jul. 7, 1942   s/o Alvin D. & Emily C. (Estes) Pollitt; h/o Malvina Looper
SMITH, Elsa I. 1921 1997    
SMITH, Larry Walter Mar. 17, 1939 Jan. 19, 1940   s/o Walter Smith b Mo. & Elsa Pollitt; see dc
STOCKMAN, Elmer July 28, 1909 Jan. 13, 1949   h/o Marian Grant; s/o Sherman Stockman & Madge Pollitt; Pvt. Co. B 27 Inf. WWII; see dc
STOCKMAN, Madge M. Oct. 14, 1880 Aug. 2, 1909   w/o Sherman Stockman; d/o Oliver P. Pollitt & Mary C. McElwee


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