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Salem (Cholera) Cemetery is located in the southeastern part of Section 33 of Buckheart Township.  Follow Route 78 in a southerly direction past Canton until you reach Oscar Linn Rd. Turn right on Oscar Linn and continue on this road until you see a pond on the right-hand side.  There's a grey gate and a fence that's runs in a northerly direction. Follow the fence (on foot) for about 1/4 mile. You will see the abandoned cemetery on the right.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if a few concerned citizens would be allowed to clean up one of the oldest cemeteries in Fulton County?  Thank you for listening!


Copy of the Deed
submitted by Robert Webb

This is a sign that was set up in the cemetery in 1976 and has since been blown down.
It lists the people who are buried there, many of whom died during the
1849 Cholera Epidemic.

Thank you Gary Johnson and John Stufflebeam for your help and
for submitting a picture of this informative sign!
John's father was the original compiler of the list of people buried in this cemetery.

Below is a transcription of what is on this sign...
with a few other names (and other additional information) found in the
1879 Chapman's History of Fulton County.

**Note: I changed the list slightly to reflect what I found inscribed on Gaddes Morton's and George Eveland's stone.

Name Death Date Age Add'l Information
Barker, Julia Ann Mar 05 1851 1 yr 4 mo 20 da Dau of H. & J. E. Barker
Bauman, Evaline Aug 25 1857 10 yr 6 mo 27 da Dau of Peter & Mary Bauman;
died of scarlet fever
Bauman, Minerva Aug 25 1857 2 yr 8 da Dau of Peter & Mary Bauman;
died of scarlet fever
Bauman, Thomas Eli Aug 11 1854 12 yr 29 da Son of Peter & Mary Bauman
Bauman, William H. Aug 25 1857 5 yr 8 mo 12 da Son of Peter & Mary Bauman;
died of scarlet fever
Dickson, Manda M. Nov 30 1853 11 mo 24 da Dau of W. & N. J. Dickson
Dickson, Mary E. 1851 3 mo 3 da Dau of W. & N. J. Dickson
Eveland, George H. Jul 23 1839 2 yr 1 mo 28 da Son of H. & O. Eveland
Havens, infant Jul 16 1849   child of Mary Jane (Pritchard) Havens;
died of cholera
Morton, Gaddes Mar 06 1856 1 yr 9 mo 9 da Son of R. W. & E. A. Morton
Pritchard, Alexander Jul 16 1849 17 yr Son of Jordan & Artmacy Pritchard
died of cholera
Pritchard, Artmacy (*note) Jul 13 1849 40 yr Wife of Jordon Pritchard
Pritchard, Rebecca Jul 18 1849 2 yr Dau of Jordan & Artmacy Pritchard
Pritchard, Jordon Jul 13 1849 43 yr Husband of Artmacy Pritchard
Smith, Lovina (Bybee) Oct 03 1839 15 yr 7 mo 21 da Wife of William H. Smith;
Dau of T. & D. Bybee
Stufflebeam, Rachel
Apr 21 1848 20 yr 3 mo 26 da Wife of John Stufflebeam
Whitnah, infant Feb 15 1857 1 mo 22 da Son of A. J. & J. E. Whitnah
Whitnah, James K. P. Sep 25 1848 1 yr 3 mo 7 da Son of A. J. & J. E. Whitnah
Whitnah, James M. May 09 1844 4 yr 2 da Son of A. J. & J. E. Whitnah
Whitnah, Sarah W. Sep 25 1842 1 yr 11 da Dau of A. J. & J. E. Whitnah
Wilcockson, Ann
1840 84 yr Wife of Samuel Wilcockson;
niece of Daniel Boone
Wilcockson, Marshall Ney no dates   infant son of E. C. & P. Wilcockson


Newspaper article in the Canton Daily Register, Dec. 24, 1904, submitted by Janine Crandell

The old Salem Church cemetery (now known as Salem-Cholera cemetery) in which many of the cholera victims of Liverpool township in 1849 are buried was visited by the "Rambler" last week. Many of the sandstone and marble slabs have been broken down, presumably by stock running in the pasture in which the cemetery is located, but some of the marble stones have defied the effacing finger of time and tempest are standing erect, and the inscriptions on them are plainly discernable. It was in this cemetery that Mrs. Jordan Prichard was buried by her son, Robert, and William Denny. The neighbors who dug the grave fled when the boys approached with the corpse, and the rude box in which it was placed lodged on one end of the bottom of the grave, which was too short. The young men could not get the box down or out so the grave was filled in with one end two feet higher than the other. The cemetery is located on the Solomon Snider place.



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