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Recorded births 1877-1878 (partial list)

From various newspaper articles...


Abbott, girl

Chapman, boy

Decker, boy

Fleming, Dr. (birthday wishes)

Harmon, G. boy

Harmon, C. boy

Harris, William Frank

Hay, boy

Herring, J. R. (84th birthday)

Laws, boy

Lillie, girl

Luttrell, Sarah Bryant

Moore, girl

Shaw, girl

Shryock, Rebecca (98th birthday)

Snyder, girl

Swartz, Abram (birthday wishes)

Wages, Henry

Wages, Jacob

Wilstead, boy

Wood, boy 


Birth certificate of Charles Lamprell born at Sheldwich, England

Charles was the youngest child of Thomas Lamprell and Elizabeth Beck (or Back). His father Thomas was born around 1806
and married Elizabeth at Sheldwich, a small village in mid-Kent, in 1834. Subsequently the couple moved to the neighboring
village of Selling. Their eldest son William was baptised at Selling later in that same year. The couple then moved back to
Selling and had 4 other children: Mary (1838-1842), Thomas (1840-?),George (1843-1847) and
Charles (above) who was born at Sheldwich on the 29th August 1845.

certificate and data submitted by Eric Lamprell...

Additional data supplied by Eric on April 27, 2009

Thomas was baptised at Elham in East Kent on the 19 March 1797. 

It now appears that, although their eldest son, William, was baptised there, the couple didn't actually move to SELLING
but stayed in SHELDWICH (these are neighbouring villages) as the family was residing there
for the (National) Censuses of 1841 and 1851. 

Around 1856, Thomas and his 3 surviving sons - William, Thomas and Charles - emigrated to ILLINOIS. 
So far, I have not been able to trace any details of their departure, the place of arrival in the USA
or the reason for leaving England but as they were all Agricultural Labourers it seems probable
that they went in search of better prospects. 

Thomas (Senior) died in 1857 at LA SALLE, Illinois.
Following the outbreak of the Civil War, the three brothers enlisted on the Union side. 
Thomas (Junior) died on the 20 January 1863 at PULASKI, Illinois. 
Charles died on the 31 January 1868 at ASTORIA, Illinois.
William died on the 4 January 1911 at ASTORIA, Illinois having married Permilia Angeline BROWN
at FULTON, Astoria on the 9 February 1865 and having had 12 children.


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