Abraham P. Meharry

ABRAHAM P. MEHARRY, of Crittenden Township, is one of the well-known residents and land-owners who have assisted materially in advancing the agricultural and industrial interests of this section. He came to this county in 1865, and took possession of the land which his father had given him, comprising an entire section, and upon which he now resides. This excellent parent at the same time presented his son with $2,000 in cash, so that he began life with abundant means, and to his credit it may be said he has taken good care of what was given him.

Our subject was born in Montgomery County, Ind., Feb. 10, 1842, and is the son of Thomas and Unity (Patton) Meharry (see sketch of Jesse Meharry) from whom he received careful training and a good common-school education. He remained a member of the parental household until twentythree years of age, at which time he came to this county, as we have stated. Soon afterward he formed a partnership with his brother Jesse, and they engaged in farming and stock-raising until 1879, extensively and successfully. After dissolving partnership with his brother our subject took unto himself another partner, namely, Miss Martha J. McMillin. of Tippecanoe County, Ind., to whom he was married on the 3d of June of that same year. Mrs. M. was born Nov. 23, 1846, and is the daughter of John K. and Sarah E. (Stafford) McMillin, the former of whom is a prominent farmer of Tippecanoe County, Ind., and is widely known throughout that section as an extensive stock-raiser and shipper. The wife and mother departed this life in 1885, at the home of our subject while on a visit. Mrs. Meharry received an academic education, and resided in her native county until her marriage.

After this event Mr. and Mrs. M. took up their location on their present farm, which has been greatly improved since that time. The land has been thoroughly drained with tile and supplied with good buildings. Their first dwelling will soon be abandoned by the removal of the family into the fine residence which is now being erected and which will bear comparison with anything of the kind in this part of Champaign County. Besides the home farm Mr. M. afterward purchased 100 acres on section 7. His land is mostly devoted to stock-raising, which he has followed the principal part of the time since taking possession of it. His cattle are of the Polled-Angus breed, and he exhibits some of the finest specimens of the kind along the Mississippi Valley.

Our subject and wife became the parents of two children, one of whom died in infancy; the other, a son, Charles, was born March 11, 1885. Mr. M., politically, is a warm supporter of Republican principles, but has steadily declined to become an office-seeker, having all he can possibly attend to in the management of his extensive farming interests. He is a valued member of the Methodist Church, and takes a genuine interest in the advancement of his community, religiously, morally and intellectually.

Portrait and Biographical Album of Champaign County, ILL. Written and published by the Chapman Brothers, Chicago, IL, 1887, Pages 274-275, submitted by Leslie Rankin




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